Galaxy Note 10 may not get the new blistering charging speed that everyone wanted

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is an upcoming flagship handset that might run out of budget for many. However, one cannot deny the excellent features it brings. We’ve been talking about the Galaxy Note 10’s fast charging capabilities for quite a while now.

Ice Universe, a prolific leaker was teasing us all along that the Note 10 will have a 45W fast charging capability. He posted an image of Da Vinci with a binary code and a flash symbol at the right side, which when you convert the binary to decimal, you get 45.

So everyone thought the Note 10 will have a 45W fast charging speeds. Furthermore, a recent leak showed an unreleased Samsung charger with 45W power supply.

But it turns out it’s not entirely true. Yes, Samsung is working on a 45W fast charger but that may not end up on the Galaxy Note 10.

XDA-Developer Max said on Twitter that according to his source, the Note 10 will only have 25W fast charging, while the Galaxy A90 which is an upcoming mid-range phone from Samsung, will get the 45W fast charger.

This was confirmed by On leaks as well, who as we all know has a great track record. By the way, On leaks is saying he’s not 100% sure about this.

So there is a chance, but I guess the chances are slim given how multiple credible sources are coming out and saying the Note 10 probably won’t have the charging tech of a blistering 45W.

To give you some comparison, the 40W charger on the P30 Pro charges up to 67% in 30 minutes. The Galaxy S10 5G which has 25W charger charges up to 34% in the same time frame. So you can clearly see a massive difference there.

Listen 25W is still good enough and is still an upgrade over last year’s 15W but it’s a no match when you compare it to the competition. Huawei P30 Pro offers 40W and OnePlus 7 Pro offers 30W. So it’s disappointing that Samsung is going for only 25W.

Ice Universe, a trusted Samsung leaker hyped us for nothing which is disappointing but it’s also worth mentioning that these guys are not 100% sure so you never know, we might still get the 45W charging. Let hope for the best.

Galaxy Note 10’s case renders confirm the leaked design.

Here’s exactly when the Galaxy Note 10 could launch.

So we knew this already that the Galaxy Note 10 will launch in the month of August because that’s when the Galaxy Notes usually come out but we didn’t know the exact date up until Korean media is reporting that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 10 on the 10th of August.

Samsung suspended sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and announced an informal recall, after it was found that a manufacturing defect in the phones’ batteries had caused some of them to generate excessive heat, resulting in fires. Since then Samsung is being careful enough in increasing battery capacity and charging speed. Improved SCP chip provids 25W fast and safe charging.

This comes on Saturday so I’m a little sceptical about it but it’s possible that the Korean media is talking with reference to their timing. South Korea is a day ahead of the United States so it’s totally possible that we might see the launch event on Friday the 9th of August in the United States.

Judging from the past release we can expect the Note 10 to be available to purchase from August 24th onwards.

That being said, So what you think about it? Is it a deal breaker that the Note 10 could only have 25W charging? Will it affect your purchasing decision? Let me know in the comments below.

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