Looks like Zoom has another tough competition in the market named as Jitsi Meet. The video conferencing software has a lot of benefits over the existing other applications in the market by different companies. So let’s get started. 

Remote conferencing has been quite popular in the past couple of weeks as many companies went forward and developed multiple features for the users to connect with people during COVID-19. This includes many of the premium sites coming up with multiple platforms and different types of schemes for customers. 


Zoom was in hype at the beginning but the meeting being unsafe, people switched over to different applications as per ease. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have their standalone software for connecting with people. Since the Zoombombings, people are still in search of a good platform to conduct their online meetings. 

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is an open-source remote conference application made for everyone out there. Being open-source is beneficial for both developers or normal users out there. Jitsi Meet is developed by 8 x 8 and is aimed to provide the users with a platform where they feel secure hosting their meetings. Been in the market for three years, now set out to challenge the existing market-holders in the remote conferencing segment.

Some of you not aware of the open-source platforms, you have the authority to download the code and edit it as per your needs. You can access the code of Jitsi Meet on Github. Jitsi Meet uses the Jitsi video bridge to provide high-end video/audio calls that are secured.  


  1. End to End Encryption – Jitsi Meet in the latest blog explained how they consider the users and the security of their meetings. They showed how their end to end encryption works in real-time. This concept of encryption keys has not yet come up in the software for will launch soon to make sure your meetings are more secure than ever. 
  1. Screen Sharing Options – There is more than one screen sharing option on the platform. You get to choose from three of the total number of options i.e. Your entire screen, Application Window, and Chrome Tab. These three options make sure you are only showing the relevant thing to the members instead of all the confidential information on your system. 
  1. Non-Account Login –  People are so busy they don’t have much time in their schedule to enter details every time and some people don’t like to save their passwords in the browser. This feature can help you log in without any details in the browser. How to do this is mentioned later in the post.
  1. Open Source – This is the most highlighted feature of all. Jitsi Meet has many other advantages of being an open-source platform. Not only you can edit the code according to your needs, but you can also self-host it on your server. This implies you can take the code and create a similar site for your organization. This will make sure no outsider will know about the meetings that are being held in the organization.
  1. Random names – Setting a unique name to your meeting while is fun, can help as adding another layer of security for your meeting. You can add any random name followed by some digits to ensure it cannot be guessed easily. 
  1. Others –  The in-meeting features include recording calls, sharing a youtube video, managing the video quality, managing the participants. All the functions can also be applied with multiple shortcut keys. Good ones are stated further in the post.

How to use Jitsi Meet

It’s no different to use than the competitors out there. The basics just say you can create a meeting and share your link to people to join. You can still look at the steps below if you are having issues hosting or joining a meeting.

Create a Meeting

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type a random meeting name and click go. 

Here comes a catch, you don’t have any option to set the password of the meeting when you create it, it’s after you create you get the option of setting a particular password for everyone to join your meeting. As shown in the screenshot below, click on the Add Password option and you’re good to go.

And that’s it! Yes, you can create a meeting like this easily without any hassles. 

Joining a Meeting

Joining the meeting with the desired link is basically the same. You enter the link shared to you in the browser and then enter the password provided by the sender. You will be connected to the meeting. 


Or you can choose another one of the methods of joining i.e. dialing the numbers given to you. It’s only available in the selected countries, we are hoping 8 x 8 has plans to expand the feature to other countries too.

To join via dial-up, you need to dial the number of your country from the given list and then enter the PIN which will be provided to you by the host of the meeting. This PIN is unique for every meeting. 

Other Features

Blur Background

You can enable this feature by clicking on the three dots on the downright corner. This option blurs the background of the person showing their face through the camera. It lets the unwanted stuff in the background blurred making your meeting more professional whether you’re at home or in a park.


Call recordings

You might be thinking how do we record calls when we’re not even logged in through an account? The answer is Dropbox. It is a cloud storage service that has been in the market for quite a long time now. You can log in to Jitsi from Dropbox which is integrated into the Start Recording feature in while in a meeting.


Raise Hand to Speak

Since the host has an option to mute all the participants, the people in the meeting get the option of raising their hands. What this will do is when clicked, the host will get a notification that the particular person wants to speak or has some query. This will ensure the interaction from both sides in a meeting. 


YouTube Sharing

This is something new that was noticed on the platform. Users can directly share a particular video with all the members in a single meeting. This doesn’t mean you are just sharing the video, this means the video is played on your screens and all of them can view it at the same time. 


Apart from all this, there are other options like live stream too which can be done by entering the YouTube live streaming key or signing in through your Google Account. 

These were some of the best features that have been integrated into the software. We are looking forward to the upcoming updates and upgrades to the software in the future.

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