Xiaomi’s race in expanding it’s Mi Home Store in large segments have gone crazy. Today in China, Xiaomi in it’s home county opened The World’s Best and largest Mi Home.

The opening event took place in Wuhan, China.

The store’s gonna give you pretty much all the Xiaomi product experience ranging from Xiaomi’s Smartphone, Smart TVs, Smart Home appliances. etc.

Xiaomi’s Senior Vice president Wang Xiang tweeted out some images.

Wang Xiang says, this particular Mi Home Store features a smart home demo zone with a range of life technology products.

During July 2018, Xiaomi achieved it’s goal of setting 100 Mi Homes all over China. Now they’ve set new goal to make it 200 by the end of this year and also to take it all the way up to 1000 by 2020.

As the company has also planned to enter the American market, this particular move, opening a largest showroom will catch lot of attention from America.

This will be a great treat for the Xiaomi fans in china . Xiaomi when you’re gonna Open one like this in India?


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