We are just two months away from the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 10, we have our first actual leak in the form of a screen protector. On leaks, one of the trustable leakers showed some renders in which showcases extremely thin bezels on both the Galaxy Note 10 models and the leaked screen protectors just confirms that.

As you can see there’s no cutout for the front-facing camera. There’s an explanation for this. Ice Universe mentions on Twitter that the camera cutout is absent because of the lack of dimensional data for the camera hole.

If you remember, the early Galaxy S10 screen protectors didn’t have the cutout for the camera either and we didn’t even know that 5G version is coming, so these companies always keep some secrets.

As you can see, there’s still a bit of a chin at the bottom compared to the top. On leaks recently revealed, the chin on the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Pro measures in at 4.1mm. That’s just 0.2mm thicker than Apple’s chin.

So this should make the Galaxy Note 10 to have the highest screen to body ratio on any smartphones out there. Surprisingly, lesser than the OnePlus 7 Pro as it has a noticeably bigger chin which measures in at 5.6mm.

We might still get the 45W fast charging with the Galaxy Note 10. So it was rumoured for a very long time now that But recently a couple of leakers came out and said that might not be the case. Note 10 might only have a 25W charger similar to the one found on the 5G version of the Galaxy S10, which lead to a huge disappointment because everyone wanted that crazy charging speed. But there’s still some hope I guess.

We could still get the 45W charging speeds with the Note 10 Pro. Yesterday we have asked ice universe on twitter about the contradicting rumours on the charging speeds? What’s his opinion on other leakers saying it could only have 25W.

To which Ice Universe said that “He still believes the Galaxy Note 10 will have 45W charging, if not the Note 10, the Note 10 Pro could at least have it”. If you think about it, it does make sense for Samsung to do that.

These could be the official prices for the Note 10 models.

Both the models share the same specs except the screen size aBnd battery. Samsung has to provide more features to the Note 10 Pro to justify that additional $100.

Over the Note 10 and faster charging could be one of them. Anyway, I would still advise you to take this with a bit of scepticism until we hear more about it but in any case, this has surely made things interesting again.

Galaxy S9 got the camera night mode and it’s as good as the Galaxy S10’s

With the June security update, the Galaxy S9 got a dedicated camera night mode. Samsung introduced this first on the Galaxy S10. At first, the night mode was not that good, to be honest. but Samsung issued a couple of updates and improved the S10’s night mode significantly.

This week S9 got the update via OTA update. Here is the difference between the normal mode and night mode. Here is the comparison of night modes of both the S9 and S10 and there isn’t a significant difference at all, which shouldn’t be surprising because both the S9 and S10 have the same camera hardware which processes the image once you click a shot.

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