We had many rumors about the new LG Velvet and its new camera design. Finally, the company decided to launch a full video detailing the design of the device. The video was uploaded on LG’s official Korean channel on YouTube which reveals the front and rear designs of the device.

Talking about the rear side of the device, it starts with a raindrop camera setup with the primary camera having a little bump and a silver ring around it. Then we have another two smaller cameras arranged by size in descending order followed with a flashlight. Comparing to the other brands focused on the compact square setup for their multi-cameras, this is a unique setup that is seen by the company. This setup not only gives more breathing room on the back of the camera but makes it look more sleeky and clean.


The design of the LG Velvet is said to feature a 3D Arc Design having the curved display and rear of the device symmetrically. This allows the users to feel having a premium smartphone in their hands. The side frame seems to be some kind of aluminum with a good silver finish. At the bottom of the rear side, we have the LG branding along with the logo. Finally, as the video renders, the backside with being a glossy glass finish will attract a ton of fingerprints while holding the device.

Coming to the display which according to the rumors will be around 6.9-inches making it slightly bigger for the consumers. The device is going to feature a small U shaped notch for the front camera on the top center of the screen. The details from the leaks about the rear camera were 48MP but we know nothing about the front camera. 


Another thing to be noticed was the missing fingerprint sensor on the back. No whereabouts on the back of the display, we are expecting it to launch as an in-display sensor like the other competitors in the market.

The device will have the power button on the right and volume buttons on the left along with a sperate button which is known to be a voice assistant button. The sim card slot along with the microphone was seen on top of the device. As seen in the video, the 3.5mm audio jack along with the speaker grill was at the bottom of the device with the charging port in the center as usual. 

A most important highlight of the video everyone’s getting hyped about is the Snapdragon 765 5G featured in the bottom left corner of the video. The latest smartphone segment like the OnePlus is launched with the Snapdragon 865 and it will be surprising to see how the device compares with a low range processor. Also, the mid-range processor will cut the costs of the LG Velvet compared to other flagships in the smartphone segment. 


The price and variants of the LG Velvet are not yet clear yet as the device is yet to launch from the brand itself. The only thing we know the video is the device will feature four colors – Aurora White, Velvet Sunset, Aurora Green, Aurora Grey.

We have yet to get more knowledge about the detailed specifications of the device and its expected to launch in between may. 

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