Mi Band 3
Mi Band 3

Finally, the long-awaited Mi band 3 has been launched in Xiaomi Smarter Living event held in India. The predecessor Mi Band 2 was appreciated for its concept and features, but as it was too low on the brightness level, it faced a huge backlash on its sales.

But the newly released Mi Band 3 can be a better one than Mi Band 2. Because Xiaomi has officially announced in the event that the Mi Band 3 has a display which will be 85% brighter than its predecessor.

Okay, let’s see what else Mi Band 3 can do?

Large OLED Touchscreen display:
All new Mi Band 3 with 0.78 inch OLED display
0.78 inch OLED display

As we all know the old Mi Band 2 too had an OLED display but not fully touch screen. But the new Mi Band 3 has a full touchscreen display whereas the old had touch detection only on the bottom part of the display.

Another most important, much-needed feature on Mi Band 2 was brighter display. It was a huge inconvenience on the old one to enjoy its features on outdoor. Xiaomi improved the brightness of Mi Band 3 display at 85%, which will definitely satisfy Mi Band users.

Bigger Battery:

Xiaomi decided not to change anything in the battery section. Mi Band 3, similar to its predecessor, holds a 110 mAh Lithium Polymer battery which can last for approximately 20 days. So charging will not be a problem with this fitness tracker.

App notification, view messages and call details:
App notification

More than a fitness band, this device helps the user to access various app notifications like Facebook, Whatsapp, and so on. Mi Band 3 lets you read messages and also see what’s the content of the notification.

call reject

And also now the band can also show who’s calling, where Mi Band 2 was only able to vibrate to indicate someone is calling. The interesting part is we can also reject the call by pressing and holding the main button.


Mi Band 2 had IP67 water resistant rating which can’t even last up to 1 meter under water. But the new Mi Band has IP68 water-resistant rating which means it can last up to 50 meters underwater.

Xiaomi announced in its launch that, Mi Band 3 can also be used while swimming and surfing.

Improved track activity in real-time:
Improved Activity Tracker
Improved Activity Tracker

Now Xiaomi has enabled a secondary screen which shows the real-time heart rate and step count while showing the time on the primary screen. The all-new Mi Band acts almost like a smartwatch rather being a stereotypical fitness band.

New Phone locator option:

Last time the Mi Band 2 had a feature to find out where is the band by letting it vibrate through the phone. Now the same can be done with the band to phone. It means now the band can make the phone vibrate or ring to detect where is the phone located.

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Mi Band 3 is already a huge success because of its aggressive price with loaded features. The all-new Mi Band 3 is priced at ₹1,999 ($27.18). The old one was priced around ₹2,500 ($34) which may be the reason for its failure.

The successor has already started winning heart as well as the market with its incredible features and cool design.





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