In the gist of Anti-China Sentiments following the clashes in the Galvan valley, Indian Smartphone manufacturer Micromax has stated that they are working on New Mobiles to launch in the Indian Market.


Micromax, an India based smartphone manufacturer will reportedly be launching three new smartphones in the upcoming weeks. According to Motorola, among these three Micromax phones, one will come with premium features and will get a new modern look. As per reports, the new smartphones will be economical and affordable. The smartphone company has teased its launch on social media platforms before any official statement. The last smartphone published by Micromax on Online Selling platforms is the iOne Note on Flipkart for a price of 8199INR in October. The phone is currently out of stock.

Micromax on Twitter

Amidst the rising Anti-China sentiments in the country, people are trying to avoid Chinese products and looking for alternatives. Micromax is an Indian Smartphone manufacturing company that has been selling smartphones for quite some time now. People took Twitter to ask Micromax if they have any comeback plans to launch new smartphones. In response to such tweets, Micromax teased the launch of its new smartphones.

While responding to the tweet of a user the company said ” We are working hard internally and soon we will come up with something big. Stay tuned!” According to reports, Micromax has been working on 3 new smartphones before teasing them on twitter. These smartphones will come at a user-friendly economical range at a price tag of under 10,000 INR. Sources also say, a soft launch is on the way and the new mobiles will be launched in the coming month or so.

In another tweet, the company released tiny bit of information about one of its new phone. It mentioned a new phone in the making having premium features, modern look along with being budget friendly. Keeping in mind the Anti-china sentiments going on right now, the Indian manufacturer has a great opportunity to exploit and regain its position in the Indian Market.

Hashtags such as #MadebyIndian #MadeForIndian #LocalforVocal are seen in the tweets of the Indian company to show its support for the anti-china sentiments. However, it is unclear if the company will be making these smartphones in India or outsourcing them to a Chinese manufacturer.

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