Microsoft has decided to rebrand its existing service Office 365 to Microsoft 365. This happened after Microsoft updated the blog on its website a couple of days ago. The changes first appeared for the personal and family plans following small and medium-sized businesses. 

According to Microsoft the earlier version Office 365 just highlighted the office services they are providing. As of now Microsoft 365 mentions all the other products that the package includes. This includes the rebranding of small and medium scale businesses to which have renamed plans on the store right now. 


Microsoft currently provides a free set of web apps to work and share with your friends and family. The applications can be accessed anywhere and are available for multiple devices across various platforms like Windows, macOS, and Android Devices. Free Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive are available for people with free account access. 

Also, millions have already subscribed to the Office 365 plan that existed earlier. They will get the new brand of Microsoft 365 with the additional features that Microsoft has added to their services. Various new features will help the writers, presenters engage more deeply with their audience and focus on enhanced security on their devices. 

New Features

  1. AI-powered Templates and resources provide all in one solution for all the writers to get better quality content for professional purposes. The editor supports over 20 languages as of now but Microsoft plans to upgrade more in the coming months. The editor now checks the spelling and grammar of each of your words which helps you in focusing on writing your content. 
  1. Presenter Coach is designed for rehearsing your presentations and check how you’re performing currently. The feature is AI-powered that means it is very powerful in detecting your voice and tone. It uses monotone pitch and speech refinement to detect if you’re going too fast or slow or if you need to have variations in your words while speaking.
  1. PowerPoint Designer helps you be more creative while saving your time. You can directly get suggestions, premade design layouts, and slides for your presentations. The Microsoft 365 subscribers will have access to over 8,000 beautiful images and 175 looping videos from Getty Images, plus 300 new fonts and 2,800 new icons. Not only in Powerpoint, but you also get 200+ premium templates of Word and Excel too.
  1. Money in Excel is introduced to solve your money issues. Now you can directly access your bank transaction records on the spreadsheet. It can help you track your expenditures and making sure you are on the right track to managing your money. All it needs is your credit card and bank details to make sure the download is available to you at your disposal. 
  1. Data Types and smart Templates in Excel to make your knowledge wider and help you make correct decisions. There are data types for over 100 topics ranging from food, animals, and pokemon. New interactive data cards and images have been introduced to provide a more insightful sheet. The data types not only give you everything at one place but saves you the time of searching and crawling the multiple web pages off the internet.
  1. Microsoft Family Safety enables to track the footprint of your kids online and what they are accessing. Also, this app can be used to track the location of your family members and get to know if they’re in the right place. 

Coming to the prices and plans, nothing has changed to new or old customers. The personal plan starts at 420INR a month and goes 4199 for a year. The family plan for 6 people starts 530 a month and goes for 5299 for a year. 


Additionally the business plans for Microsoft 365 business and Business premium go 6 months free when you commit for a yearly subscription. A tip for all the students out there, Microsoft provides free Microsoft 365 Subscription on your custom college E-Mails. Here’s how to grab it.

Some features like the safety app for Android and iOS will be available gradually for everyone in couple of months. All the other updates have been revising since April 21 and will roll out soon to every member of the Microsoft 365 package.


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