After teasing a couple of specifications about its upcoming series, Motorola has finally revealed the Motorola Edge Series. The company has been launching mid-ranged budget devices from the past few years but nothing that was too hyped. Finally, we have a Motorola product with some new innovations from the brand. 

The company has just revealed the specs on paper and the device still needs some improvements as we speak. We will know for sure when the company provides the final device to the consumers. 

Display and Design

This is probably the most hyped feature about the device as it says in the name. Motorola Edge Series has an infinite edge display that goes beyond your regular display. The display is curved from both sides except the top and bottom. The devices have a 6.7 – inch display which is by far the biggest Motorola has ever provided in a smartphone. Fairly, it just has an FHD+ panel which is lower than other flagship devices like the OnePlus 8 Series but Motorola says that was done for best battery optimization of the device.

Edge Display

The devices have a 90Hz refresh rate which can be also adjusted automatically if you are looking to save battery just in case. The higher refresh rate provides smooth scrolling and the colors are still bright being an FHD+ display. 

Now, apart from the edge display looking good, it has some good features too. The Edge pops up differently when you get a notification or when you are charging your device. The company is calling this Edge Lighting. This works when your phone is faced down and you get a call or notification which makes the light of edge pop up. In case you don’t want the Edge display in a particular app, you can double the app on the right side of the display edge to turn off and switch to the normal display. 

Edge Lighting

Motorola claims that the Edge display can be used as trigger buttons for games. This feature is not available yet but we might see some PUBG freaks interested in the device.

The rest of the design is pretty simple with the front notch-less front camera, the speaker, and the charging port. The audio output from the speakers is claimed to be very loud by the company. Rest is the logo and nothing new on the rear side. 


The Motorola Edge Series has a triple camera layout set up along with the dual flash. The Edge + packs 108 MP rear camera which supports Ultra Wide shots, High-resolution optical zoom, and macro vision.  


Both the devices feature a 25 MP front-facing punch hole camera. The video quality on the Edge+ can be up to 6K. We still don’t have full specifications on the device as the full specs are not revealed yet. 

The different lenses in the camera provide various options like OIS(Optical Image Stabilization), macro shots, close up detail shots, 3x optical zoom, and a time-of-flight sensor. Although the camera on the Edge lacks OIS and can only support 2x optical zoom.


The Motorola Edge+ packs 12GB RAM and 256GB of Internal Memory while the Edge has 4GB of RAM and 128GB of Internal Storage. Coming to the battery section, Motorola claims the devices will go up to two days on a single charge featuring 5000mAh in Edge+ and 4500 in Edge. Both devices support turbo power wireless charging.

Wireless Charging

Another difference in both devices is the chipset. The Edge+ comes with Snapdragon 865 which is the latest fastest chipset yet from the manufacturer. The Edge comes with the Snapdragon 765 chipset. 

And More…

The Motorola Edge Series pack 5G in both devices are capable of transferring at high speeds. According to a report by TheVerge, the devices will only be available through Verizon carrier in the US as claimed by the company that they are providing the best device in the best network. It’s strange to see how the company is limiting its users to a single choice of a carrier in a country like the US while trying to get back in the premium phone game in the market.


Coming to the prices, the Motorola Edge+ will cost around $999 which seems quite high for a device featuring these specifications. About the Motorola Edge, the prices are unknown as of now and we will have to wait for the final release from the company with more details about the devices.

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