After having many issues with the Zoom software, the Indian Govt. has finally decided to launch a web-based application named Namaste. The application is not only safe but ensures your meeting goes well without anyone disrupting it.

In the past couple of week work from demand has increased a lot. In the time of quarantine, companies have started to focus on work from home instead of having zero production. People started using Zoom in the beginning to get more work productivity but there were many flaws to it.

As mentioned in an earlier post about Zoom, it has a lot of security flaws. The cases were too volatile for the hosts and the members, as meetings were not secure and safe for people. Although Zoom claims they have upgraded the security of their services, we still have no clue as to how safe they are now. Companies like Google and NASA are refraining employees from using the application.


The Indian Govt. decided to award any creator for creating a secure remote conferencing to provide the people a chance to work freely in lockdown. They finally came with the new idea of Namaste which was launched yesterday.  You can access the website here.

Host a meeting

The website currently has a simple UI which allows users to create and join meetings hassle-free. For joining a meeting, you just need to put the meeting ID and Code provided by the host. Another way to join the meeting is through the meeting URL. In both cases, you have to enter your name to join the meeting. 

Join a meeting

One noticeable thing to be found on Namaste was it lacked a screen sharing option. This pops a question as to how meetings are gonna happen if the host cannot share their screen. There is no news about how many participants can join a meeting that is hosted. 


We would like to see how the application replaces Zoom but till now, it has the exact similar properties of other applications in the niche. Also, the security of the site cannot be trusted yet because we have no claims by the govt. Regarding the application and how its better than others available in the market.

 Also, currently, it lacks features compared to other apps like the screen sharing so it’s useless for people anyways. We look further to the updates and the final release of the application.

What Else?

Currently, the developers are working on the smartphone application. The app will launch for both IOS and Android devices.

According to the report by Republic World, the app was created by a Mumbai-based web application and software development company called Inscripts. The website also provides a feedback form about the application which users can respond to regarding the issues they are facing in the beta testing mode.

Additionally, since the application is in beta testing mode, we might see a lot more updates in the application as it’s not even out yet for the smartphones. The website still says “Lakhs of Indians are currently using NAMASTE and hence you may face some temporary connectivity issues. Thank you for your support! 🇮🇳”. This proves they might not even have a proper server set up for the application yet as it is in beta mode.

We hope the application launches sooner because of the spread of COVID-19, which is resulting in the loss of many companies.

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