Lately, Samsung was facing a tough time after announcing and promoting the most futuristic design concept series, the Galaxy Fold. Now they’ve renewed the old designed and promised to market the new Galaxy Fold near sooner.

So, What happened exactly?

There was more than one issue which was the reason for the temporary discontinuation of the device.

  • There was this famous issue which is, all the review units which YouTubers and other promoters received had a problem which was screen getting blacked out while removing the protection film provided with the devices. 
  • And the other issue was some part of the devices getting blacked out for no reason. 
  • Another issue was the phone getting hanged or stop working all of a sudden.

What are the changelogs made to overcome this problem?

Samsung has announced the new version of Galaxy Fold, where all the previous deformities have been fixed. 

Samsung has given a changelog report which shows that the company has added protective caps at the hinge where the folds inwards. So many reviewers even complained that portion of the screen right at the hinge does get blacked out when the device has been folded many times. So the new protection caps sounds promising to be a solution, but I highly doubt about the design aspect. Let’s see how it comes out.

Samsung has added protective caps at the hinge where the folds inwards.

Apart from this, the device has gone through a lot of changes like beans new reinforced screen, some changes in the internal structure and on the hinge to keep the functions smooth and flawless. 

From the announcement made by Samsung, it is clear that the protective layer of film which caused a lot of trouble last time now extended beyond the bezels and it is still unremovable. 

se are the revamp changes made to the device. Samsung says that it will be out for sale near sooner.

These are the revamp changes made to the device. Samsung says that it will be out for sale near sooner. The major defect, I think, is that the company might not have enough beta testing stations on their production units as OnePlus has. I say this because software deformity can be resolved through future software updates but the hardware doesn’t work like that. I guess the company themselves know this fact I guess. 

Such hardware complaints have been a common issue with Samsung right from the Galaxy Note 7 period. Samsung is now the pioneer in the smartphone industry in adopting new technology or even inventing them. A company with such great credibility will obviously lose it if it continues to launch devices without testing them.

During this controversy, Samsung had been put forth numerous questions about the discontinuation and future plans of the Galaxy Fold. 

Here are a few of those questions.

What kind of messaging will there be on or in the box about the design or protective layer?

“We will ensure care and use guidance is clearly delivered to our customers through materials in the Galaxy Fold packaging such as the quick start guide and screen cling as well as”

By Samsung

When and how will Samsung reboot preorders?

“We are reviewing our market launch plan and we look forward to bringing Galaxy Fold to consumers soon. Samsung will announce the availability details in coming weeks.”

By Samsung

Will the Galaxy Fold cost the same $1,980 as announced at launch?

“[There are] no changes to the price.”

By Samsung

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