Apple has announced new MacBook Air and the Mac Mini are made with 100% recycled aluminium.

These devices are really powerful and has a unique compact design.

Apple claims that it’s metallurgy team worked hard to create this recycled aluminum alloy which has been shaped to create the MacBook Air and Mac Mini. This looks amazing to see, isn’t it?

Apple says these martial are made from all new custom alloy. It’s designed to use fine shavings of recaptured aluminium that are re-engineered down to the atomic level.

This new alloy is as beautiful and robust as they have used it before.
Apple also says recycled aluminium body gives a new look and best ever In-hand feel.

All three devices are crafted in the same way that makes it beautiful look Mac devices ever.


Talking about the look and feel, the design are also changed a little bit. This new design makes MacBook Air feel way more comfortable in hand. Take a look at the picture below.

Already Apple has moved to 100% renewable energy for all its facilities and offices around the world. Now they move the another part of Apple towards being a green company. Good job Apple, keep going!



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