On April 24, the Nintendo Switch Hack was confirmed by the company. All the information was uploaded on Nintendo’s Japanese site. Hackers have access to more than 160,000 accounts of users and their personal information. Nintendo reports some illegal attempts have been made to gain access to Login  ID and Password since the beginning of April.

The reports by Eurogamer in the earlier weeks suggested the users be aware of suspicious activities in their accounts. One of the co-workers of Eurogamer faced the breach on their device too. Nintendo earlier said they are investigating the concern which recently has been confirmed. 

How were Nintendo Accounts Hacked

Nintendo uses the Nintendo Network ID(NNID) to login to the Nintendo Accounts. The NNID was popular in the 3DS and the Wii U devices. Users had to type it every time so they kept a smaller and easier password to enter in the login page.

Now Nintendo uses the same NNID to login to the Nintendo Switch Console. After the Nintendo Switch Hack, the company decided to close the NNID system login to prevent further breaches. It was impersonation of the login of Nintendo by someone which led to this breach in the user network.


Information like nicknames, date of births, country, and email addresses may have been accessed by the hackers. In some cases, the reports say that PayPal transactions have been made in the account linked with the Email. Some cases reported of Fortnite VBucks of up to £100, through linked PayPal account.

Tips to Improve Security

Nintendo Switch hack has affected many accounts and Nintendo is trying to fix each and every one of the transactions. There are multiple things you can do to make sure your account does not get compromised.

One of the most common things to do is set up the 2 Step Authentication for login. This ensures no one can log in without verifying themselves first. Although most of the people are aware of this, you can enable 2 Step Authentication in your Nintendo account here.

Nintendo is trying to help all the affected users by asking users to simply mail the customer support. If the support finds any suspicious transaction not done by the user, the company will cancel the transaction and refund the customer. 

You don’t have to be worried about the credit cards as there is no submission for them on the Nintendo Account requirement.

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