The price of the 45W charger for the Galaxy Note 10+ has been revealed

Everyone knows that Galaxy Note 10+ supports 45W fast charging speeds. But the thing is, Samsung is not going to include this 45W charger head inside the box. Instead, they’ll bundle the handset with a 25W fast charger which is still good. It’s an improvement compared to the 15W charger that Samsung user usually get with the Galaxy S10 or other devices in the past, but , it’d be better to have a 45W charger inside the box.

‏‏The upcoming Galaxy Note 10+ will support 45W fast charging,but Samsung is not going to include the 45 charger in the box Instead you need to buy separately. This is a tactic that apple made famous. Now Samsung, who were mocking Apple publicly for this issue, have chose to follow.

Anyway Samsung is going to provide a 25W fast charger in the box which is great compared to S10’s 18W charger. Note 10+ will be priced around €1100 (~$1200, ~85,000). But no fast charger in the box is a bit depressing.. 

The interesting part is some retailer in Europe have already started selling 45W charger online, both in black and white colours.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will not come with Snapdragon 855 plus chipset.

Qualcomm might have thought that ‘Samsung is releasing two chipsets this year, so, why to be their upper hand. Let’s release another chipset with some tweaks and steal some spotlight, which is a great thing for us because we’re the one who’s going to be benefited from this competition’.

Ice universe, a reputable leaker said that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will not come with Snapdragon 855 plus chipset. That being said, we have to wait and see how Samsung will convince us during the launch event.

Samsung galaxy note 10 will not have 3.5mm headphone jack.

Samsung was trolling Apple for their Dongle game and a lot of other stuff like Notch head and more. They’re playing it now. Both notch and dongle game. Don’t know why Samsung is destroying its own credibility. 

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