Welcome to peakfetchers live updates on oneplus 6T launch event. The special event in New York by OnePlus for the launch of OnePlus 6T is happening right now!

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Oneplus 6T launch event started.  Show started with the history of OnePlus AV. The show named as Unlock the the speed.

Oneplus 6T – Unlock the the speed

Oneplus and T-Mobile

OnePlus officially confirmed that they now partnered with T-Mobile. It’s gonna make big sale for OnePlus in US market. Oneplus mobile phones will be available over 6000+ store of T-Mobile. It’s great to hear.  

#1.Clean, Fast, Intuitive 

Screen Unlock. the fastest ever. First in display scanner phone to launch in US. It’s blitzing fast unlocks your phone in just 0.34s, it’s faster than any other In-Display scanner out there in the market now.

Oneplus 6T uses 4th generation In-Display scanner. OnePluss claims that it projects very bright green light into your finger and then read them accurately using a big sensor. It’s way more accurate than any other smartphone in the industry


A notch with water drop design. They reduced the chin. Still its a Super Amoled display. Size of 6.41″.

#3.Design ans materials 

Glass design and 2.5D curved. It’s more slim, more. oneplus is the first device to use Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection on both of the side.

Oneplus claims that it retains the same slim and weight to makes the phone much more user friendly. The phone as much more rounder edges. Oneplus 6T hope to give the best in hand feel ever.


The camera setup is same as oneplus 6 16M + 20M at f1.7 aperture OIS + EIS and now this device official has thw support for 480 FPS slow motion.
For limit less capturing.

Studio light Camera – 3D photo technology. 
2 second Night mode photo. It’s world’s fastest Night mode Camera. Soon OnePlus 6 user will get this update.Actually what is does is captions four pictures at same time and combined it all to give best low light photography.

This is not a new feature but oneplus climbs that the other mobiles which does the same takes 5 seconds to capture a night mode whereas oneplus 6T can able to capture it under 2 seconds which is quite handy at the night time.

very soon this feature is coming to oneplus 6 as well. Are you happy oneplus 6 users?


The device is powered by Qalcomm Snapdragon 845.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is one of the best performing chipset in the market. Top-notch in performance, gaming, cellular reception, photography and being all rounder SoC of 2K18. Oneplus decided to give the the same power as oneplus 6 to OnePluss 6T.

#5G is coming to oneplus soon – Official by Qualcomm

Qualcomm in the event has officially confirmed that the next oneplus device will have 5G support and they have been working for that. It’s happy to hear the first 5G device of oneplus In 2K19.

#6.Gaming Smart boost

Gaming smart boost is one of the highlight in this device which works like boosting the performance, memory management while playing games.

This whole new technology uses RAM as ROM.

Yes oneplus made us surprise showing this. The device stores the game date in RAM not in ROM which is the actual store and like every other mobile does.

All plus devices comes with 6 or 8 GB RAM os it’s easy to made a one like this. The only reason to store the memory in RAM not ROM is RAM is more speed than ROM. So the gameplay will be smooth you won’t find log or frame drops. Let’s hope to see the performance in the real world.


OnePlus has slight larger battery 3700mAh battery. Still using Dash charger.


More refined software, more powerfull, and best animation.

the software is the more optimised its way more stabilized. The softwares some new features which will be handy while gaming, photography or even in opening apps.

Screen navigation 2.0, and more than 500+ optimization. 

#9.Price and color options. 

The price of OnePlus 6T,

$549 for 6+128GB – Mirror black.

$579 for 8+128GB – Mirror black, Midnight Black.

$629 for 8+256GB – Midnight Black.

#10. Accessories



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