Earlier today OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced in the official OnePlus forum about the OnePlus TV. He has also given some interesting sneak peak infos about the TV’s specs and features which would get everyone in excitement This news went viral within hours. But everyone is eager to know how the product looks. Based on the performance of OnePlus in smartphone industry it is clear that the OnePlus TV is obviously going to pack some features. In an interview taken by Business Insider, Pete gave out some more information about the ideas and steps involved in the products of OnePlus TV. He said the OnePlus TV will be released on 2019. They may release it with OnePlus 7. BTW it’s just a guess. Pete said that the OnePlus smart TV should be a perfect competition in the Television industry like OnePlus smartphones were in the smartphone industry. OnePlus has slowly started to step on various industry like earphones,coffee and now TV. Pete Lau demonstrated that the TV will be based on AI technology and Oneplus TV will be a premium flagship TV. Expectations: Based on the only picture(above) available on the whole internet, it is highly expected to be an Bezel-less TV. The OnePlus TV is expected to pack some awesome features which every flagship TV does. It may have 4K UHD OLED Curved Display with thinner or no bezels. As Lau teased about the AI technology, it may have improved AI assistance. It may have a dedicated processor for a smooth AI experience. It may improved motion control system. Speaking of AI, it may even have an OnePlus voice assistant like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. Who knows. This major leap of the company may be the starting point of OnePlus Ecosystem. Because that is where the future lies. That is where almost every smartphone companies heading to. Actually as we all know this is not the first smartphone company to enter TV industry. Xiaomi launched mi TV earlier this year which was a pretty solid competition for other TVs out there. Its strategy was also the same as OnePlus. More specs for less price. That is how mi TV captured a special place in the market. We expect the same with OnePlus too. Let’s wait for the product launch. Stay tuned for more updates. More:
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