It’s time for the next Oneplus launch event, it’s been a quite while since the last launch event of Oneplus. The last launch event of oneplus on 14th May 2019 featured products like Oneplus bullets wireless 2 and of course the current flagship Oneplus 7.

The Chinese company is now all set to launch two new innovative gadgets in the next launch event. After tonnes of teasers, leaks and sneak peeks we are finally going to witness the official launch of the all new Oneplus TV and the latest flagship phone Oneplus 7T.

Everyone is curious to know what innovation will Oneplus bring out this time for it’s customers. Even if you’re not a customer of Oneplus yet, keep reading the article who knows you might end up liking the Oneplus TV and might even buy it.

Let’s see the details about the upcoming gadgets from Oneplus,


oneplus tv
Image credits: pc-tablet

The Chinese brand Oneplus is entering a new market segment of smart TV’s. Pete Lau the CEO of Oneplus has posted a bunch of teasers for the Oneplus TV on his Twitter account saying “No detail is too small”. He also posted an image of the remote for the TV which looks very futuristic, the TV has a unique slim design which looks very fascinating. This will be the first generation smart TV from Oneplus, it will have some top end specs and features.


oneplus 7t

The next gadget to be launched in the Oneplus launch event is the latest flagship of the company, The Oneplus 7T. Oneplus has posted some sneak peeks of the Oneplus 7T on their Twitter page. The device has an very interesting design with circular bump for cameras at the back, with the favorite nebula blue color from which no one can get their eyes off.

The Oneplus 7T is the successor of the Oneplus 7, it is expected that the company will launch two variants of it called the Oneplus 7T (the budget phone) and the Oneplus 7T pro (the flagship). The flagship phone will have the high end specifications and features while the budget variant will have mid-top tier specifications. However the Oneplus 7T is most likely to be similar to Oneplus 7 with specs such as 90hz display, snapdragon 855, motorized front camera, with a few additional features. Price of the phone is unknown but Oneplus won’t disappoint us as always.

See you at the launch event.

These are the details about the upcoming Oneplus launch events:

Coming to India at the OnePlus Launch Event on September 26, 7PM IST. Coming to North America at the OnePlus 7T Reveal on September 26, 10:30AM EDT. Coming to Europe at the OnePlus 7T Series Launch Event on October 10, 4PM BST.

Checkout the Official website of Oneplus for India

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