Oneplus Now Holds The position Of Best Premium Smartphone In India


The China-based smartphone company OnePlus now holds the position of Best Premium Smartphone (price >₹30000) in India mobile phone market, surpassing 2 massive companies Samsung and Apple. An article released by a research firm Counterpoint gives out the information that Oneplus surpassed Samsung and Apple in the market of the top premium smartphone during Q2 2018. The evolution of flagship smartphones in the first quarter of 2018 look like a long leep. Especially OnePlus has offered some massive features on OnePlus 6 device in comparatively lower price than Apple iPhone X and Samsung S9.

Before the launch of OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy S9 was on the first place on that list. After the launch of OnePlus 6, the shipment of S9 and S9 Plus decline by 25% which even more lesser than the S8. In the list of Top Premium Smartphones, OnePlus 6 holds 30% of market share followed by Samsung S9 Plus with 12% share and in the third place OnePlus 5T with 10% of market share.

In the overall Indian Premium Smartphone Segment Market Share- Q2 2018, OnePlus hold the highest number of 40% with making a record shipment of OnePlus 6. Samsung holds 34% of market share with the sales record of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Apple holding the least number of 14% with the sales record of its flagship smartphone iPhone X.

What do you think the reason for Samsung and Apple’s decline? Price?

Yes, it is Price. But price alone is not the exact reason. We can say that OnePlus used better marketing techniques. Before and after the launch of OnePlus 6, OnePlus used the digital marketing strategies pretty well. Even Samsung S9’s marketing strategy was strong even after the launch of OnePlus 6. But the price of OnePlus 6 made the company dominate the market.

Samsung S9 Plus had a strong pre- and post-promotion strategies. But due to the excessive pricing (compared to OnePlus 6) on the smartphone, the company lost it first place this year.

As usual Apple’s share slashed so bad obviously because of its overpriced products. iPhone X was sold for nearly 1 lakh rupees which most of the Indian won’t be willing to pay for a “smartphone” even though it is in the premium grade.

But now Samsung has the largest testing lab in India. The company has started promoting its next device Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which also on the flagship grade. Let’s wait and watch whether this situation is going to change.

Source: Counterpoint 



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