At the end of last year, 3 major OnePlus smartphones were rumored to be launched in 2020. Oneplus 8, 8 Pro, and 8 lite. As expected both 8 and 8 Pro have been released but talks of the OnePlus 8 lite still stood as rumors. Now a prominent leakster called Max J has leaked that the OnePlus 8 lite is going to be called the OnePlus Z and it is about to be launched this July.

The exact date of the launch is still unknown but it is clear that another OnePlus phone is about to be launched this year.

The OnePlus Z is expected to have a centered hole punch cut-out on a 6.4 inch AMOLED display with a screen refresh rate of 90hz. Having a high refresh rate display on the board will always improve the efficiency and user experience of the device. Once it is launched, this might be the cheapest phone in the mid-range market to have a refresh rate display.

This phone is expected to have a triple camera setup at the back with the usual 48MP primary lens, 16MP secondary lens (might be a wide-angle lens), and another 16MP (No information about what sensor it has).

Unlike the other OnePlus phones, this phone has a MediaTek chipset as its processor. It comes with MediaTek Dimensity 1000 5G SoC. Yes, it is capable of 5G connectivity. Many might not have heard of this new chipset but it is as good as Snapdragon 865. On the benchmarks, this chipset sets results much closer to SD865, but still very slightly falls behind the Qualcomm counterpart. This could be the best phone if it is priced in the mid-range smartphone market.

OnePlus Z

This phone is said to have two variants where both the variants have 8GB RAM with 128GB and 256GB internal storage as options. As far as the battery is concerned, this phone is expected to come with a 4000mAh battery with the OnePlus’ proprietary Warp Charge 30T which is capable of charging the device at 30W power.

This new OnePlus Z smartphone might be the first of the OnePlus Z series lineup in the future. If this phone goes hit in the market, we might expect the OnePlus-MediaTek venture to continue in the future.

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