This is 2K18 and the Smartphones are getting bigger, Smarter and more powerful. In this evolution of Smartphones, bezel-less Displays are trending highly.


Going Bezel-less makes the display look bigger without making the actual phone bigger.
In this competition of bezel-less Vivo has already made its own idea called in-display fingerprint scanner.

Vivo X21

Vivo announced it’s Vivo x21 which was the first under display fingerprint scanner smartphone.
But bringing the fingerprint scanner under the display means hiding another hardware under the display which complicates the process of bezel-less. So it’s not the right way to do it.

Vivo Nex

Vivo in 2018 introduced vivo Nex with pop-up camera. With seems to be a great solution for this problem. But it also has its own disadvantages like you lose water resistance and not face unlock.

Oppo Find X

This time Oppo followed by vivo introduced bezel-less phone with motorized pop-up top module which has cameras (front as well as back) and all other sensors

While searching for the perfect alternative Vivo’s partner company Oppo also introduced under display fingerprint scanner. Later companies like Xiaomi and Oneplus started using under display fingerprint scanner in their Smartphones like Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer edition and Oneplus 6T (Upcoming).
Oppo went one step further and introduce water drop notch.
Many companies like in Xiaomi , Realme (Sub-brand of Oppo) and Oneplus (Oneplus 6T) started using water top-notch.

What’s Next?

The water drop notch contains the sensor at the top speaker of the edge and the only thing reminds facing you is the camera.

In-Display camera

Oppo has now decided to hide the whole front facing camera module under the display.

We might see this fantastic feature in Oppo’s upcoming OPPO R19.

This device from Oppo isn’t the first one to have under display camera, many tried it.
It was the time when it came into the world of
Smartphone design and makes camera models to hidden behind the display.
According to Oppo it uses Grasim Glass display which tends to help light to travel through the camera sensor hidden Display.


Then how the future smartphone will look like. Like this?

Well that’s what I think of it but what about you do you prefer smartphones with under display camera or you are satisfied with current camera setup itself. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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