One of the many reasons people like OnePlus devices is for the OxygenOS. OnePlus has now come up with another way to make their users happy. The tech giant is coming up with 5 new features in the next update for the consumers. Guess what, these tweaks were suggested by users. 

It started with OnePlus creating a community page where users can log in to submit the features they would like in the next update. The Platform was named IDEAS. It was a great initiative by OnePlus considering the vast userbase it has. They wanted to see what the users would like in their smartphones that would enhance the way they use it.


Of all the submitted ideas only 5 have been selected, but again it’s a start. We are hoping that OnePlus updates the devices according to the users in the future. Here are the five tweaks OnePlus is going to do in the upcoming OxygenOS:

  1. Always On Display(AOD)
  2. Enabling fingerprint lock for the hidden pictures in the gallery. 
  3. Play sound when the battery is fully charged 
  4. Folders within the app drawer
  5. Adding more essential features to Zen Mode

Always On Display(AOD) 

This is probably one of the most expected tweaks out of all. Many of you might be wondering if you’ve seen it before in the OnePlus segment. Yes, OnePlus 6T came with this feature out of the box but a day-1 update removed it. Since then the users are trying to communicate in OnePlus forums for the update to revert this feature. Looks like finally OnePlus decided to look after the community and providing what they want.


The Always On Display is a feature that shows you some of the basic tweaks like the time, custom notifications while your device is asleep. Yeah, it’s gonna come with a little battery cost but it can be optimized. But the best part about the feature is it lets you check notifications without having to touch your phone. The battery’s not an issue with the quick charge in OnePlus devices.

This feature, when posted on the IDEAS page of the OnePlus page for tweaking, received a whooping 2.1k likes. Finally, OnePlus decided to take care of it. OnePlus said they are working on the build and will notify the community once it’s out. 

Fingerprint Sensor for hidden Pictures in Gallery

Currently, there is already an option to hide pictures if you want in the gallery. Some users suggested it would be good to have an additional layer of security for the hidden pictures in the gallery. 


Right now the hidden pictures options are not really secure as anyone could click on the three dots in the gallery to access your private media. Adding an additional layer of fingerprint security will be more secure for the device owners.

Play sound when the battery is fully charged

This is a minor tweak we’re going to witness in the update. The users will now know when their device is fully charged instead of looking at their display again and again. 

The phone will notify you once your device is charged up to 100%. We’re not sure about the other settings if the sound setting can be set at multiple charging points for people in a hurry. 

Folders within the App Drawer

There is an option to search for applications in the app drawer. Some users suggested it would be nice if there’s an option to customize your applications in particular folders in the app drawer. 

People don’t like keeping their applications on the home screen so this feature will be quite helpful for those who keep heading over to App Drawer to access their applications. You can create the folders and set apps based on your customizations. 

Essentials in the Zen Mode

Zen mode was launched in OnePlus 7 Pro which was the latest additions in OxygenOS. While on your device is in a lockdown mode restricting all the actions including notifications or browsing applications. After turning it On you can’t do anything on your device for 20 minutes. Except for receiving calls or dialing emergency numbers. Another thing you can do in Zen Mode is Click Pictures but you cannot access the gallery to access all the pictures. 


Since Zen Mode is restricted, people wanted to have some features like a calculator and other tweaks in Zen Mode. Looks like we will be getting them soon enough after OnePlus selected this feature to be rolled out in the next update.

There are other tweaks too which the users suggested implementing in the upcoming OxygenOS. Check out the Blog Post to see all the listed features which are not implemented in the new OxygenOS. One of the tweaks was OnePlus Dex mode and just like the Samsung Dex, it would allow people to use the device in their desktops. OnePlus asks the community to list the benefits as they’re going to monitor the thread to see if it needs to be implemented. 

You can sign in to the OnePlus Community and leave a comment on why you think Dex mode is important for you. 

OnePlus Says the new features are in development mode and will be available in beta testing modes after June. The Company says they are going to invite the winner of this IDEAS quiz for the testing and designing of ideas they suggested. We will have to look out for more community interactions like these in future. Who knows you might get a chance to meet the OnePlus developers too.

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