PlayStation Details

What we’ve just got our first look at the PlayStation 5 as well as the PlayStation 5 digital edition. Sony did a perfect launch event with millions of people watching the live event across YouTube and other social media.

First look at PlayStation 5 console

We got not only details about the new Playstation but also a ton of new games. We finally know the console look and design. It doesn’t like one of those concepts that we’ve seen forever with all the white plastic. It is sort of that interesting shape especially when you look at the digital edition compared to the standard PS5.

We don’t have the disk drive on the digital edition. Apart from technical needs it looks beautiful especially when you see it side by side with the Xbox controller. bviously this is going to be a much much smaller and realistically better-looking console then the XBox series X. 

Of course, we did only see gameplay at 1080P, 30FPS which is fine but not really showing off the best of the console. However, it was very clear that these games were a cut above anything that you can see on the PS4. So things like ray tracing run almost every single game we saw. I’m assuming a lot of those games are also going to be taking advantage of some higher frame rates as well.

The thing that really jumped out to me is that unlike the Xbox event from last month, many people came out to talk about the console. Almost 20 different gains that they showed and a lot of them are from very big franchises. We even got GT 7, we got a brand new RESIDENT EVIL game, we got a ton of newer eyed peas which is always nice to see the beginning of a console generation. 

Some games like ratchet and Clank ripped apart did a very good job of showing off several new aspects of the PS5. We saw that the ray tracing with the excellent looking lighting but they also showed off the speed of the SSD by taking advantage of that rich mechanic which allow you to kind of workaround. 

Obviously, that would not be something that would be possible on some of the kids for something else looks great is Kenya bridges spirits which when I first thought straight it looked like a Pixar movie from just a few years ago it’s impressive all these games is that they are running on real PS5 hardware.

Is the PlayStation 5 gameplay event true?

When see the event you they’re still watching developing kit, so there are some rooms I guess. But we really appreciate here is that we didn’t just see a lot of trailers with a few trailers but pretty much everything was running an engine on the consoles. A lot of what we saw on the launch event was actual real gameplay which I think well the dish off a fair few accessories including a new 3D camera and other accessories.

About Digital edition 

I think it’s very interesting to think that Sony this time around are really going for first and foremost with a digital edition of the PS5. Obviously, the Xbox has been doing this for a little while with the Xbox One S. All digital which was the lower prices Xbox one that didn’t have the disk drives and a little bit cheaper that was a little bit of a weird console but this time around it seems like we might see at least a $50 cheaper PlayStation 5 digital edition. If you’re not going to be using the disks and let’s be sort of real here. 

Is it worth buying all Digital version of PlayStation 5?

Are you guys gonna buy the All digital version? No, of course, there are advantages to that destroyed beyond just the pure gains we do finally have support for four 4K Blu-ray but realistically I feel like the diskless version is probably going to be the more popular one. It depends on how much cheaper it is. I was looking at a five hundred dollars PlayStation 5 digital. We still don’t know if these people on Twitter very much seem to be on board with the PS5. I am pretty firmly in the camp of I like it. It looks different, it looks unique.

It does definitely move forward from the PS4 which I was never really a big fan of the particular design and while the series X is obviously a very powerful console with a lot of hardware specs ultimately it’s a big black box. The entire event Sony were teasing little bits and pieces of the PS5 experience and we did get a little bit of a look at the startup animation but that being said there are a lot of things we still have not seen. Like for example the actual CPU and GPU details and performance which will be later revealed by the sony itself. We will update you once we get the official news.

PlayStation 5 in the unreal engine.

There’s a lot of questions and there’s still a lot of things we still need to find out about what this PlayStation 5 is really capable. Of course we’ve already seen some PlayStation 5 gameplay thanks to the unreal engine 5 tech demo. Now as a detectable you always have to take the stuff with a grain of salt this is meant to show off everything in the best possible lighting looks impressive.

But it’s not always necessarily representative of what the final gameplay will look like. hat being said though it is clear that these new consoles have a lot of very fun toys to play with the lighting particularly looks really impressive with the ray tracing and obviously those ridiculous textures. 

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