Poco F1 has captured the mid-range market with its flagship features. The sale is still being enormous. It is a surprising fact that the company is still runs its marketing for the device.

After the MIUI 10 update, the phone has become lot more smooth and seamless. When everyone thought OnePlus has flagship killers and celebrated it as the future, Xiaomi released Poco F1 smartphone as it sub-company’s product.

Although there are some minor bugs in the device Poco never failed to amaze its user as a daily driver. Research shows that the customer satisfaction for POCO is higher than any other smartphones.

Now the General Manager of Poco India posted a tweet on 23rd December with a hashtag called #NewPOCO.

A new POCO? Alright let’s assume it is Poco F2

Here’s what we expect from the Poco F2:

LED display:

The major drawback of Poco F1 was its LCD display panel. The phone which is equal to $600 smartphone lacking LED display is little disappointing. So it would be perfect if the upcoming Poco packs an AMOLED or OLED display panels.


It is Poco’s mistake of introducing people what is called a major upgrade. So no one can be blamed if people request much better performance than Poco F1. It is wise to feature a Snapdragon 855 in the new Poco. I know it’s too much. It is just an expectation. Who know Poco might not disappoint us. We expect this with a fact in mind that Poco is the direct competitor of OnePlus.

Bigger Battery:

As budget phones like Moto One and Asus Zenfone Max Pro 2 are having 5000 mAh battery, Poco can also have bigger batteries like them. This would definitely drive people to buy the new Poco who may be in an idea of buying budget smartphones.

The Notch:

The Poco F1 had a considerably big notch when the market still has many people who hate notch display. It would be cool if Poco F2 comes with small or no notch. By the way there were some rumors that the next Poco device might have a camera hole in it which Samsung calls Infinity-O.

These are our expectations on the upcoming Poco phone. Apart from this we request Poco not to remove the headphone jack. Essentials are essentials always.

Stay tuned for official announcement on this device.


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