Prince of Persia Now On IOS: Your PC Game In Your Mobile Now
POP ( Prince of Persia ) the popular game in pc now it is available in your mobile. The game which is well known by 90’s kids for which created a new interest to the pc game while video games dominated the gaming zone. Mario and Contra were the first console games during 90’s. But it reduced the interest in these games. Even though the Super Mario snake and the ladder ludo, Tetris came into the games market,this game POP never reduced the interest among the PC gamers.

How To Play POP In Mobile:

POP has different levels to play. Initial levels are too easy to play. Tap ( long press ) to jump and escape the inverted swords.Geography change in middle levels as you have to climb walls during crystal grabbing to increase your score.

Some Disappointments In POP Mobile:

The game is no so equivalent to PC and very easy to complete the levels,so it doesn’t create curiosity in completing the levels. If you have played basic games like Subway Surfers, Temple run etc,it will be quite easy to move to the next level . Then comes the graphics, which are not equal to the level of trending games like PUBG and Fortnite. Developers need to work on the improvement of the game and it’s visualisation. It will be a great challenge for the developers to make this game a success in the mobile gaming market.


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