The World-Renowned Messaging Service WhatsApp had troubles with privacy settings bug last night. According to the outage tracking website, enormous spike in problems was recorded around 11 pm Friday night.


The messaging service was down for quite some time around 11 pm Friday night. The outages were reported at around 11 PM in parts of Europe, India, Singapore, the US, and other parts of the world. According to the outage detecting website, thousands of people complained about WhatsApp being down.

Users Worldwide complained about not being able to see when their contacts were last online or if they are currently offline. The typing feature in which the user knows if the other person is typing or not was down as well. Meanwhile, Some users were unable to adjust their security and privacy settings. The Last seen feature was set to Nobody by default and people were unable to change it because of WhatsApp down.

As stated by, 67% of users had reported trouble in changing the last seen settings on Android or iPhone. Whereas, 26% of users reported facing connectivity issues. 6% of users complained of experiencing trouble while logging in. Last time WhatsApp faced trouble was back in the month of April.

WhatsApp Down And People Migrating To Twitter

History is evidence that whenever Messaging and Social Media Platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook go down, People tend to Migrate to twitter to express their problems. Many Users have tweeted about the problems they were facing. Despite this, there was no official reply/statement from the Company. The hashtag #WhatsAppDown soon became trending as users flocked to tweet their troubles away.

“Who all aren’t able to change their Whatsapp Last Seen settings? It has automatically switched to “Nobody” and now, the setting can’t be reversed.” Said another Twitter User.

And Of course, The news also brought along memes by the memer’s community which gained momentum quickly as well.

Although there is no official reply/statement made by the company regarding the issue. We are sure parent company Facebook is trying to fix the bug as soon as possible.

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