The Tencent games and Bluehole corporation gives you a new snow map called vikendi which is going to be an interesting gameplay and hot topic for a few weeks. PUBG again gives a new experience for the PUBG  players and the new snow map visualization improves the game o next level.

About Vikendi Map

The Vikendi map is a 6km x 6km snow map which will beavailable for download at 0:00 UTC on December 20, 2018, while it will beavailable for matchmaking 24 hours later.

There will be a new snow whethermode, Snowmobile, Snowball Fight for Vikendi’s Spawn Island, Added layout forplayers with large hands and a display for Crew Challenge winners on Erangel’sSpawn Island. Also, a snow theme has been added to the main menu for collectingbells from all Classic mode matches and exchange them for rewards at the eventcenter.

PUBG Mobile 0.10 update: Matchmaking changes

Cross-server matchmaking which will give players a chance to be matched to other players from the same tier on other servers.Players that repeatedly exciting matches right after starting will now be banned from finding matches for a period of time.

PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 beta update released: Mk47 Mutant rifle, new chat options and more

PUBG Mobile 0.10 update: Reward Improvements

Firearms Finish Upgrade System will help players usematerials at the Lab to upgrade certain weapon finishes to get additional killeffects, unique kill broadcasts, and death crate appearances.Lucky Treasurewill give players a chance to get an upgradable weapon to finish Glacier – M416when they finish daily missions.Season spending rewards to spend differentamounts to get excellent rewards and steep discounts on firearm finishes.

Moreover,season 1’s winning teams will appear on the Spawn Island of their respectiveserver and modes while season 2 registration will begin from 0:00 UTC on 18December 2018. Players’ best results in Crew Challenge will now be shown ontheir Crew pages and can be shared with other players.


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