PUBG introduced their new map according to this snowy season which called vikendi map . Usually, for every season they are introducing new themes or map to represent the current trending events or seasons, for example, they introduced Halloween theme for Halloween event, Sanhok map in the season of rainy, and Miramar for the summer season.

Thus this game has more exciting features for this Christmas now this topic is going to discuss five intresting and amazing looting spot in vikendi map


VILLA this place is the most compact place for loot. This place is available with more guns rather than health-related gadgets. This will be the best place for a perfect squad, and more suitable for duos players because they will 50% loot for the match in this place itself.


This is the most accurate place to get landed because this is the most important place in the map everybody say castle is most awaiting place to loot but cement factory is the best place I suggest to land because a squad can get more 70% of the loot in this place itself, flare gun, health kid , sniper, AR, SMG and any guns you will get in a sec when you get landed


Castle is most concentrated place by all the players where you get the most powerful loots here. Here you will almost filled that means 85% of the loot will be grabbed here and you should react fast because the this is a small place but enemies will be more.


Coal mine is also a prescribed place for the loot. But it is not preferable for the squad because they won’t get more sufficient loot as they expected. It is the most suitable place for solo players


This place is a usual place like a military base in erangle it is the biggest place in the map. The loot will be more sufficient for the players bt powerful won’t get here the player can survive here but loot percentage is very low compared to the above places

These are the five best place for the PUBG player in vikendi map

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