PUBG (PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND) gives you a new update 0.9.0 on October 25 .this update will gives more features like Night Vision mode and Helloween theme and more.

This will be the next major update after 0.8.0 which brought Sanhok map to mobile. The full patch notes of 0.9.0 will be available in the beta version of PUBG and officially it will get to all the mobiles on 25 October. This update will bring more improvement in Erangel map, and a new Halloween theme will be present all over the game. Erangle map will get the night vision mode in classic mode with Night Vision Goggles.

New Halloween Update

The Halloween theme which takes place on 31 st October has given the Spawn Island on all maps a ‘festival makeover’. Spawn Island will be filled with pumpkins and candies. Players who are killed by the Hellfire AKM rifle will become scarecrows, and a spooky face will appear whenever a grenade will explode. Tencent Games also says that in the Halloween theme, players will have a 50% chance to activate Night Mode.

New Update In Current Map


The new update gives you two new interesting things in Sanhok map one is QBU DMR gun and Rony pickup truck. In vehicles, the new update will improve driver and passenger views. Tencent Games has also improved recoil recovery and stability in guns with the new 0.9.0 update.

Stay tuned for more information about PUBG 0.9.0 update.

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