PUBG ( PLAYER’S UNKOWN BATTLEGROUND ) one of the most popularized game in all over the world. Different type of players from different countries and different type of gameplay. But here some common tips to improve your gameplay to the next level

Use headphones while playing:

Some players will never use to play the game with sounds. For the beginners who are more interested to play the game use your earphones, it will surely improve your gameplay. It makes you soo easy to communicate with your teammates even when your playing
solo it is very easy to identify your enemies by their foot sounds before the map shows the footprints.

Use Grenades:

May players won’t pick up the grenades because if they pick it they cant pick the bullets. Its very wrong in crucial times grenades are the most helpful thing
Frag Grenades

Frag grenades are the most powerful grenade in the game. Some players won’t use it properly they will throw is before 3s. It should be tossed after 3s the grande should be thrown form you in the window or anywhere it should be reacted within 2s then only enemies can’t escape from it.
Stun Grenades
Another thing which is useful to confuse your enemies when you are close to you. Divert enemies to a corner of a building or in a room  and then throw the stun grenade, it will surely work to kill them.
Smoke Grenades

They are the most useful grenades for both diverting the enemies and to kill them. Use your smoke grenades to revive your teammate in crucial situations and when you are getting attacked by your enemies when they surround you.Toss the smoke on one side and run away in other side so you may escape they’re vision.

Use Peak and Fire option:

Peak and Fire option which is another hand for you when you snipe from windows or trees, it reduces the visibility for your enemies and it protects you from them.

Reload Your Guns:

The most common mistake that every player will do is they never reload their guns after they fire. It makes your enemies to kill you before you fire.So use some Extended or Extended quickdraw mag to increase your bullets.


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