We made an article about Samsung introducing new futuristic technologies which are to be applied to the future Samsung devices. Earlier this week there was a leak about the Samsung Galaxy A8s model. On that leak, it is clear that upcoming Samsung devices are going to be truly bezel-less. Like, literally no bezels.

It is new on the Samsung A series to have an “S” as a suffix. And yeah concept too is new.

Based on the leaked image, there will be a blind spot on the screen just for the front-facing camera which will either be on any of the corners or in the middle. Who knows Samsung can eliminate that too by using Under Panel Sensor (UPS) technology.

Samsung is constantly concentration avoiding notch on their devices as well as increasing the screen-to-body ratio.

Apart from this, there is no official announcement about the specifications of this devices. If this device becomes a hit, Samsung will apply these prototypes to their flagship devices like S10 .

And also this the smartphone with the foldable screen which Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh mentioned earlier on a tweet. Let’s wait for the official announcement.

Leaked Images:

Samsung Galaxy A8s

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