Samsung galaxy note 9 review

Samsung’s next note is out!, Samsung galaxy note 9. It’s very powerful, bigger, and smarter. Best smartphone for professionals, business people or for power users.

Note 9 is the first note to have this big battery, best performing processor, massive storage and filled with great features.

The note 9 is priced at $1000 and goes up to $1250. It’s the most expensive smartphone from Samsung as well from Android itself.

Note 9 isn’t a big change from note but still worth buying, here we share some of our honest opinions about the all-new Samsung galaxy note 9.

Galaxy note 9 specifications

  1. 6.4-inch quad HD super AMOLED display.
  2. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 6 or 8 GB RAM.
  3. 128GB / 512GB internal storage with external Micro SD card support for up to 512GB.
  4. 4000mAh battery with wired/wireless fast charging support.
  5. dual 12-megapixel rear camera both with OIS support and main camera with variable aperture.
  6. Now the S-Pen supports Bluetooth, so can be used as a remote.
  7. Gigabyte LTE cat 18.
  8. Iris scanner, face unlock, intelligence scanner, and fingerprint biometric authentication.
  9. Samsung experience 9.5 on top of Android 8.1 Oreo.


Samsung decided to continue with the same design as Note 8 which has the great glass sandwich design. The bezel at the bottom has slightly reduced. But the phone still manages to keep the same body to screen ratio. The phone comes with Quad HD Super AMOLED display which means low power consumption and great Colour contrast, thinnest display. The Infinity display looks gorgeous with display melting on both sides of the phone and curved at the edges.

Note 9 comes with 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides. The metal Rim made out of aluminum spotted between the glass. There is a vertical dual camera setup with dual variable aperture same as we saw on S9 Plus. Samsung says it’s come with some AI integration. It still has a headphone jack, Type C port for charging which supports fast charging. Its speakers at the bottom have loud and deep sound than note 8 and the earpiece also act as a secondary speaker, so that we can enjoy Dolby atom stereo sound effect. It still has all the sensors packed at the top. It still supports Iris scanner and intelligence scanner for unlocking.

Overall we still have everything we need. Samsung didn’t remove anything even a MicroSD card slot is present, so you can expand memory up to 512GB which is massive storage! thanks to Samsung.


Note 9 come with a 6.4-inch panel and it’s bigger than note 8’s 6.3 inches. Best color contrast, Deepest black and up to Quad HD Quality, that edge to edge curved display makes The best display phone that you can get right now. This also has support for S-Pen, which can do some amazing things right from your thumb.

Still present!

Samsung too upgrading there flagship but not like other. They have added so many features and still maintains to keep what we want. 

There is still some bezel but some people are happy to see a flagship without a notch. This is for notch haters like me.

Still, the fingerprint scanner is present. This fingerprint scanner is also one of the fastest scanners that we can get now. This time Samsung placed it in a right place I guess, what’s your opinion?

Still have all the way of unlocking. Still iris scanner is present.

Still, we have a hybrid sim slot. So you can expand internal storage all the way up to 512GB.

Still, the phone is water resistant and has an Ip68 rating which means best protected against water and dust.

The Samsung stuffs

Samsung has some of its own, unique kinds of stuff in their flagship phones. Samsung maintaining all its own stuff in there all flagships.

Fast wire/wireless charging technology

Samsung is the one who introduced wireless charging system all around the world. Their flagships never missed offering fast charge. The good thing about Samsung is they include the fast charger in the box itself. Any way to charge your phone wirelessly you need to buy wireless charging dock separately


S-Pen is been coming with note series for a very long time. This tiny little fits inside the note series have evolved a lot. The good thing about S-Pen is it’s completely complementary with note series. This time it is taken to the next level by having Bluetooth connectivity. With this just tiny features, the S-Pen can able to act as a remote for the smartphone. This takes 40 seconds to fully charge and works 30 mins. The charging process takes inside the phone itself so that you need not worry about it. Cool right?

Battery, heating?

Samsung is very careful in manufacturing batteries and after a long time, they have come back with 4000 mAh. To ensure that the Betty is safe they also give a copper-carbon liquid cooling pad which is packed inside the note 9. This increases the performance by reducing the temperature when the device is running with high tasks and performance.

Knox – Still needed?

Samsung Knox is the hardware-based protection. This helps to keep your privacy and other important details safe. But this 2K18 the coding by default have this feature. Still, we need ?… The answer will be ‘Yes’ even the Android security system is not as safe as Samsung’s Knox. Thumbs up against Samsung for keeping this still in your flagships.

What’s good what’s bad


  1. Gorgeous big, Infinity, super AMOLED, brightest display.
  2. Faster performance.
  3. Best battery life.
  4. Incredible storage.
  5. Premium look and design.


  1. Slightly overpriced.
  2. Large In size.
  3. Glass sandwich design phone, dropping the phone may get easily damaged.

Final thoughts:

The biggest compromise here will be the price which is hundreds of dollars more than the very similar Galaxy S9 plus that you can get right now. The S9 plus at the same gorgeous display, that same Snapdragon 845, almost same Samsung experience and performs well. The better upgrade will be better battery life and S-Pen but any one of these devices only be accepted universally.

Note 9 is the best Samsung phone and the best Android right now in the market that you can buy. But definitely, it’s not for everyone.


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