Samsung has always been a pioneer in rapidly developing and applying new astonishing technology on smartphones. Right from introducing S Pen on Note series to Infinity today, Samsung’s contribution in the evolution of smartphones is massive. Samsung is known for introducing new better features on their devices. Even on the budget range and mid-range Samsung push their limits and deliver amazing features like triple and 4 camera set-up on the Galaxy A series smartphone.

And one thing which makes Samsung so special is their AMOLED display technology. Almost every flagship today are released with an AMOLED display. This AMOLED display technology needs no explanation. Giving such an immersive experience on a smartphone is only possible by Samsung. No matter what phone you use, you are indirectly using a Samsung product. Samsung has one of the biggest research labs, which is why they are able to create possibilities for new things we can’t even imagine.

Alright, lemme come to the point. On this timeline of Samsung’s contribution to smartphone evolution, the company is about to add something more interesting and unbelievable. Samsung usually concentrates on both design and performance on their devices. On this basis, the event called 2018 Samsung AMOLED FORUM was held at China earlier this month. This news was actually leaked by a twitter page called “ice universe” with a picture (below). It is said that only 20 Samsung users were invited to this event. There is no full information about the event. The research for this article is made completely based on the contents of the picture.


Now let’s dive deep into the info.

1. Fingerprint Display (FoD):

This might seems familiar as many other smartphone companies like Vivo and OnePlus have already used this on their device but there’s a thing to notice. The technology used on other devices is fingerprint under display which means the fingerprint scanner has been placed below the display panel. But the slide describes it as Fingerprint-On-Display. It means the fingerprint scanner is going to be embedded on the display panel or the display panel is going to be made with a fingerprint scanner on it. It will be something like a fingerprint reader which can emit light and receive touch command and scans fingerprint whenever needed. Wait for the official announcement for better understanding.

2. Under Panel Sensor (UPS):

This is another interesting concept. Sensors are hidden under the screen. One of major criticized disadvatage of Pixel 3 XL is its notch. It is because the sensors like proximity sensor ambient light sensor and face recognition have to be placed beside front-facing cameras and they need more room. The reason behind the entry of “notch” on the smartphone evolution is mainly because of this one single problem. When every other company decide there’s no way to hide those sensors here comes Samsung with such a stereotype-breaking solution. We don’t know how Samsung is going to make it possible but we can assure that Samsung is confident with this concept.

3. Haptic On Display (HoD):

Haptic Touch Display

You may wonder what is this, but trust me this is going to be unbelievable. Haptic On Display is a concept which allows you to literally feel the content rather than just seeing it. If you are playing a game like PUBG or Fortnite,you can actually feel the fire button or any other controls button on your smartphone. It makes your phone like a gamepad with actual buttons on it. The particles of the screen extend slightly towards the user to make them feel the hump. Not only buttons, but it is also possible to feel textures and details of a fabric or some surface with this technology. A company called Tanvas made a tablet using this Haptic Touch Display technology. Here’s the demonstration made by Engadget on that device.

4. Sound On Display (SoD):

This concept has been talked about for a long time here and there. Finally, Samsung is supposed to make it real. This concept works like, a whole or a part of a screen works as a speaker. It means the sound will come out, directly from the screen itself rather from separate normal speakers. This concept can also be used to replace physical ugly looking earpiece.

So all these new concepts combinedly make the upcoming Samsung smartphones true bezel-less devices with no notch. But the only thing to be worried is the screen replacement charge. Anyway, it has some point on spending money to replace a full feature equipped screen, rather than spending money to replace show-off things such as back glass like Apple users do.

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