“No company can guarantee they will be

around 10 years from now” says

~ Samsung Vice Chairman

Samsung’s Vice Chairman Lee-Jae-Yong is urging the company to make new investments that secure Samsung’s place in the future. This past weekend he said in a meeting and I quote,

“We have to make bold investments for the future regardless of any changes in the business environment, No company can guarantee they will be around 10 years from now. We have to have a mindset of starting new businesses, beyond resting on what we’ve achieved so far”.

I really liked what the vice chairman of Samsung said and he’s totally right! I mean just look at Nokia. In 2007 they were literally unstoppable with a market share of over 40% worldwide. But just a few years down the line they struggled to stay relevant and eventually sold their smartphone business to Microsoft. Yes, they made a comeback but you get what Microsoft has done to Nokia.

Recently Huawei, with just a single executive order, the US crippled its smartphone business. The point is, no company can say that they will be around in the next decade and glad that Samsung’s Vice chairman understands this.

Samsung is still the undisputed king of smartphone displays.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. As you already know Samsung also makes displays and they literally rule this segment. And as usual, they retained their dominant position once again. We have numbers for the first quarter of 2019 which shows that Samsung sold $3.4 billion worth of smartphone displays in the first quarter with a market share of 40.2%.

In the OLED department, Samsung has a massive market share of 80%. None of Samsung’s competitors is even close. The second place goes to Japan Display who has 12.3% market share while China’s BOE is in third place with a market share of 11.9%. That being said, these numbers shouldn’t surprise you whether you like Samsung or hate them because no one can argue the fact that Samsung makes literally the best smartphone displays out there And these numbers just validate that fact.

Smartphone Display market share

Samsung 40.2%

Japan Display 12.3%

BOE 11.9%

Galaxy Note 9 got the camera night mode except the Snapdragon variant.

So a few days ago the Galaxy S9 got the much-awaited camera night mode with the June security update.

Click here to know more about it

Samsung first featured this on the Galaxy S10. And it was just a matter of time before the Galaxy Note 9 got it as well. But it seems like snapdragon version isn’t yet got that. What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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