One company that is working consistently on making a true bezel-less smartphone and spending millions of money in their all-new four technologies. It is none other than Samsung.


First up on our list is FOD. It stands for a fingerprint on display. We have already seen this technology from some other Smartphone manufacturers like one plus, xiaomi and vivo but Samsung is trying on a very new way of doing it. Another manufacturer’s under display fingerprint magnet uses a 2D scanners underneath the display to take a copy of our fingerprint and then Process it for authentication. Whereas Samsung’s new technology allows the device to take a true in-depth 3D image of the fingerprints at ultra-fast speed.

This new technology not only increases


Hit stands for under panel sensors

This means melting all the sensors that you see now on the top of the smartphone to the under screen off the smartphone between close proximity sensor ambient light sensor and more

Samsung already has his own technology which uses your front camera has a proximity sensor which helps to turn off the screen while you are on calls.


Hit stands for haptic on display this is most exciting and most advanced technology feature among all the shelves more while gaming haptic feedback just like we saw on note 8 and all other flagship devices after they have removed the home button will now be there on entering a display

Samsung septic screen technology is very unique and interesting which is the fusion of 3D touch from Apple and haptic feedback from Apple watch anyhow Apple itself didn’t try this technology but answer is doing now.this technology helps while gaming where you can align visual buttons on top of your controls and you can control it by giving a slight pressure on the display and the haptic feedback will vibrate and make you feel like you are using real console


It stands for sound on display which is a cool tech and many companies like show me Vivo has already tried by themselves and failed in it.

Last year Samsung showcase sound Imaging display Concepts which will result in an elimination of the speakers helping extended the screen all the way from top to bottom.

Samsung made an actual demonstration of in display speakers using a Galaxy S9 plus as a model piece this technology uses the vibration and conduction navigate to need for an earpiece. they also showcased the quality of the speaker will be as good as a normal speaker.

South Korea newspaper today states that Samsung is ready to commercialize this sound on display Tech in its Flagship phones this year. the leaked source even goes on 6.3 inches Which is the exact size of Samsung screen which is the rumour for the Galaxy S10

I mean the only reason companies process this technology owned smartphone is to eliminate the bezels on top. for front camera to be removed Samsung can use their punch holes display patent technology, where they can put holes on the display for the camera

Anyway, the full screen is not going to happen because of the bottom bezels where the display connections are hidden. I mean it will happen someday but the chances of happening with S10  are very very low, but hey Never Say Never right you never know what’s going to happen next just like life keep your fingers crossed for that.

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