The PUBG(Players Unknown Battle Ground ) is a multiplayer battle royale game published by PUBG corporation. It is the trending game for all the youngsters and some professional gamers too.

First, it was introduced for PC for Microsoft Windows in March 2017, at the same month they released for Microsoft studio and Xbox gaming. After that, it becomes localised and released by Tencent games in China for two mobile version for IOS and Android. The game reached 2 million people and gave a very good welcome among gamers and common teenagers too. It reached 5 million people to after it became a mobile game. Usually, PC games will never reach a big level but PUBG is succeeded in both version PC as well as in mobile too.


Already we all are familiar with map ERANGEL and MIRAMAR. Erangel map is a greenish grassy area which was the first map for the players and made an ordinary player to pro players. Then the creators made the game more interesting by introducing a desert map called Miramar which gave a different experience to the PUBG players. After that, they improvised their PC version in the name of Sanhok map. It is fully based on ancient jungle feel, it filled with lush jungles, ancient ruins, and an extensive river system and many places to hide. This Pacific tiny island influenced crammed full of ruins, military complexes and agricultural areas.The update has an special mystery effect called glitch thus the u


This  sanhok map is smaller compared to Miramar map it is full of traditional and jungle map. In Sanhok map, there is some place which contains an extraordinary loot gun and ammo and health kid too.

The Ruins on the and Paradise Resort and the Training Center are also relatively popular for good reason. The Docks can reap some great loot, including the brand new QBZ95 assault rifle that’s exclusive to this map provided. The sanhok glitch is the different update the players can . It is the special update and gives more space to pro players to get more kills and chicken dinner too. Hope this is a new update will make this game more interesting for professional players.

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