Scope Of Ai in India

Artificial Intelligence has already evolved into an essential information, to be known in order to survive, from just being a buzz word couple of years ago. The scope of AI in India is very promising in the future as the IT hubs are increasing in numbers exponentially.

IBM has announced its collaboration with around 200 CSBE schools in 13 Indian states for integrating AI based curriculum into the education system through Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action (SEWA) program. This AI based curriculum comprises  of life skills like 

  • Purpose Knowledge- Basics, History, Applications
  • Skill Improvement- Design Thinking, Computational Thinking, Data Fluency, Critical Thinking.
  • Values- Ethical Decision Making, Bias.

This shows that the future has promising scope when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. Choosing a field for making a living is a crucial part of life. Building up interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence will be the most beneficial hobby in the long term as the AI industry is in rapid growth. 

What exactly a student has to know in order to succeed in the field of AI?. The basic fundamentals to be known for starting your career with AI is to know

Data Science:

Harvard University had said that Data Scientist Job is the sexiest job in 21st Century. Why is it so? Because it is that interesting. Data scientist basically acquires and manages a part or the overall datum of an institution or a program. A data scientist has to analyse the acquired data and perform tasks like Insight analysis, Testing, Validating, Predicting and Reporting. There are tons of valuable courses on Udemy and Coursera. There are very in depth yet free courses available on Youtube as well.

Machine Learning:

Machines Learning is another buzz word used in the SaaS business world which basically means “Implementation of AI algorithms to help computer systems acquire knowledge by themselves”.  Machine Learning helps in great advancement in any industry to solve complex problems or to make crucial decisions. Tools which are used to work on Machine Learning are Knime,, SciKit learn, Google Cloud AutoML and more. 

AI Engineering:

AI engineering is the core job in the AI industry. An AI engineer is the one who creates the core structure or neural structure of AI modules or programs which helps huge organisations make crucial decisions quicker than conventional ways.

Courses and Trainings:

The most popular AI based course in India is B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence. Indian Institute of Technology also provides this course with great placement packages. Apart from this AnalyticsIndiaMag has comprised a list full of online courses and training programs held by various institutions in India, which are 

PG Program in AI and Machine Learning By Great Learning

PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI from IIIT-B and upGrad

Advanced Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning By International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad and TalentSprint

Full Stack Machine Learning and AI Program By Jigsaw Academy

Applied AI and Machine Learning Specialization, AI & Deep Learning with Python By Analytixlabs

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program By Simplilearn

Post-Graduate Diploma in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence By Careers of Tomorrow – Amity University Online

Post-Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning By Edureka

Applied Machine Learning Course By Applied AI Course

Artificial Intelligence Foundation Program By Pearson Professional

Software and coding languages to be learned:



Devops is basically a combination of practices to work with Agile softwares. It consists of fundamental tasks to be done in order to produce and deliver the product or a program in a systematic way. Such tasks are Planning, Coding, Building, Testing, Deploying, Operating and Monitoring. This helps any AI specialist to be productive with all the tasks.

The fundamental language used for AI integrations and Machine Learning is Python. Python provides various pre-built libraries, like Numpy and Scipsy for scientific computation and advanced computing, to make coding easier for AI programs. Python also has a separate pre-built library called Pybrain for Machine Learning. So it is very important to learn Python for working with AI.

Database Management System:

As the name suggests, it is very important for an AI Engineer to know about Data management. Data Management System helps you to interact with the Big data which are acquired and stored on the local servers by the organization. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) depend majorly on Data, so it is very crucial to learn about Data Management and Big Data. 


So how much does an AI engineer in India make per annum? It is amazing to know that even entry level jobs offer great salary with it comes to AI based jobs. Here’s the approximate amount earned by AI engineers and other AI and ML specialists.

0-2 years exp- ₹6-8 Lakh p.a

2-4 years exp- ₹12-24 Lakh p.a

4+ years exp- ₹24+ Lakh p.a

This shows the value of Artificial Intelligence based jobs in India. Students can definitely join AI based courses to get a better value in the long run.

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