Space X has decided to launch a new spacecraft towards the moon in 2019.

The idea toward Mars yet to be postponed for certain years because of the new ideology of Elon Musk. Space X spokesperson James Gleeson said to the Wall street journal that trip around the moon last year has been postponed due to some technical and production challenges.

Space X plan towards the moon

The new ideology of Space x  involved in space experiment with tourist has been postponed due to the previous launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket. The launch built confidence among people but it failed to pull off the engines of the spacecraft while landing. In February 2017, Elon Musk announced for fanfare that the mission for the moon will be completed in the year of 2018.

It would be the first manned trip to the moon since the last Apollo outing in 1972.

Unfortunately, there are some technical issues in spacecraft while testing the Dragon Capsule 2 craft which is made for space tourist to travel in space and the approval procedures may be finalized in the year 2019. The delay is made due to the risk involved in Falcon rocket. Because the Falcon rocket launched only with machines (a car), not with human beings to the moon.

Dragon capsule designed by Space X
Dragon capsule designed by Space X

The new ideology pushes Space x to improvise the Dragon capsule(which is the space vehicle made for the human space travel created by Space X). Space X owner Elon Musk offering a chance two paying customer as a space tourist to the moon.

But NASA and Donald Trump are not favoured towards this idea. NASA making an approach with Space X by sending astronauts on behalf of space tourists for the initial test. But these things get finalized only in the year 2019.

Other competitors-jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) and Richard Branson’s (Virgin Galactic)

The other competitors are also working out for the same idea and they are trying to finalize it before 2019 Jeff Bezos already more involved in process of taking people to the moon. Richard may do this but the time may get delay for Virgin Galactic

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