Tesla Wireless Chargers

Tesla who are  specialist in making electric Cars, lithium-ion battery energy storage and solar panels for vehicles. Now Tesla launched ‘Wireless chargers‘ for both IOS and Android.

Initially, Tesla listed on their about the wireless Charger  official website and they removed after being sold out. And they confirmed that they will re-introduction their Wireless chargers by dropping the price from $65 to $45.

Due to strong customer demand, we’ll be reintroducing the sold-out Tesla Wireless Charger,” said  at the Palo Alto to the email customers


Specifications for  Tesla Wireless charger is 6000mAh  (22.2 wh) battery  and charging pad can charge any Qi enable phones like (iPhone X, iPhone 8,  Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9 etc) and offers 21 hours of additional talk time and 18 hours of full internet surfing.

You can also power up 2 devices with the inbuilt USB-C type charger and USB-A type port the same port also used for charging the wireless charger itself.

But Despite of, it’s cool Look, Tesla wireless charger is not very fast.

The latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Android phones are supporting fast wireless chargers are up to 7.5-watt to 9 watts, But Tesla wireless chargers are limited to only 5 watts.

So expecting that Tesla will launch their powerful chargers in upcoming editions.




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