Top games launching this week – Everything you need to know.This week is a great treat for gamers. Many franchising games in the history now set to hit next level platforms and some new exciting games going to launch this week.

Here we list out some of the best games launching this week and we also mention their platforms as well as launching dates.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The all new game from cult franchise is all set to launch on Nintendo Switch platform on December 7.

Just Cause 4

This all new action filled adventure game going hit on windows, PS4 and Xbox platforms today (December 4)


The grand breaker has been hit on PC platform last month and is all set to launch on PS4 platform on this December 7.

PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds (PUBG)

Finally Sony has decided to give their players this beautiful game one of the most played mobile games PC games now coming to Sony PS4. PUBG is launching on PS4 platform on December 7.

Stay tuned for more tech updates.

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