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Twitter is one of the greatest social media platform actively used by most celebrities, politicians even our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is also highly active on Twitter. More reputed users lead to more responsibilities. One the biggest problems on twitter that anyone and everyone can reply or write there opinion on your tweet including people you don’t follow and who don’t follow you which many time tends to create fights and arguments on the platform which leads to meaningless conversations.


Twitter as a social media platform holds huge responsibility recently a TikTok account got banned was having 12 Million followers, the user uploaded a video it was promoting acid attack which was really disgusting, then Tajinder Pal Singh (BJP MLA Candidate) Tweeted that video tagging Rekha Sharma Chairperson of NCW and then she took legal action against that which lead to deletion of that Tiktok Account. This is the power of Twitter. 

Limit Reply Feature


The new limit reply feature will keep annoying and unnecessary Tweets away and make conversation and platform meaning full than before, cause now a user can target its audience according to post or his/her choice.


The first option is everyone, which will allow anyone on Twitter to comment on your tweet. Basically, this is similar to the present standard tweet.

Second is the ‘only people you follow’ option, which will allow only people you follow on Twitter to respond to your tweets.

The third option is ‘only people you mention’ which means only users tagged in a tweet will be able to respond to your tweet. 

Tweets with the last two settings will be labeled and the reply icon will be greyed out so that it’s clear for people that they can’t reply on the specific tweet. People who can’t reply will still be able to view, Retweet, with Comment, and like these Tweets.

Initially, only a limited group of globally Twitter for iOS, Android, twitter.com will be able to Tweet with these settings yet Twitter has not revealed the date of release.


As day by day users are becoming more active on social media, platforms are also developing and heading towards change for the users to have healthy as well as informative, conversations and avoid disrespectful behavior on platforms which is normal these days.

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