Comparison of curved phone with waterfall display phone

While many companies were working hard to be the first one to launch a phone with 90 degree curved display, Oppo, out of nowhere came out and showed their prototype. Oppo calling it as waterfall display.

waterfall display?

A few months we saw some leaks showed a new design where the screen bends at the sides to almost 90 degrees. Samsung was working on this type of screen but they cancelled it for some reason. Huawei Mate 30 Pro will have a similar display like this. Even Vivo will launch a phone like this in the future. 

Oppo’s new waterfall display has stretched screen around the sides, which looks great. Samsung has made the curved displays popular. Now Oppo and other Chinese companies are taking it to a whole new level. 

That being said, I see a lot of people on twitter asking why do we even need this? What’s the point?

Look, aesthetics is the point. A lot of people care about how their phones look like, yes there are some people like Pixel fans who have no idea about a good looking phone but for the majority of people, the aesthetics plays an important role while purchasing a phone.

Phone companies understand this, they know the looks of a phone is probably the biggest selling factor and that’s the reason we see companies are in a race to reduce bezels as much as possible because a bezel-less phone looks good.

And companies also know that in order to be relevant in this oversaturated smartphone Just look at Apple, a company like Apple is seeing a decline in sales primarily because the business they need to keep changing the design.

Just at Apple, a company like Apple is seeing a decline in sales primarily because they haven’t changed the design ever since 2017. But as soon as they change the look of their device, their sales will go back up. Change in a good way, not like Google.

Accidental touches?

The point is looking matter, and this curved design looks really good. I know accidental touches are a big concern. I’m 100% sure they will just render the curved display non-functional with the help of software. Basically they make the sides unresponsive to avoid accidental touches, just like how Samsung does with their flagships.

Yes, even with the software fix there will be some accidental touches here and there. it’s not going to be to a point where it starts to annoy you, the phone doesn’t have any buttons on the side for obvious reasons.

They’ve put the power button up top, just like old generation iPhones. We can’t see the volume rocker maybe it’s at the top as well. They can’t use the curved sides as virtual volume buttons, as the screen is unresponsive.

Oppo Find X2

Oppo showed their prototype phone calling it a waterfall, which stretches the screen around the sides. Oppo Find X ad was played on the phone.

So probably they have put it at the top. Oppo, by the way, hasn’t shared any details on when they’re going to release it, no specs, nothing. It’s just a prototype device at this point but they gave a hint in their video. It could launch it as a successor to the Oppo Find X that was released a couple of years ago.

Also, we can’t see the front camera up there. So, it has probably the under-display camera, a tech that Oppo showcased a few days ago on a prototype device. By the way, Oppo’s under-display camera technology is not good at this point. Anyway, What do you think about this?

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