One of the most popular apps WeTransfer has been partially banned in India through some operators. The users running on Vodaphone and Jio are not able to open the website through a direct connection. 

WeTransfer has millions of users worldwide but Indians on these network operators are not able to access the website on their devices. They get the message saying “blocked by DoT”. Some enraged users went to twitter asking about why they aren’t able to access the site anymore their usage. 

The company responded through the Tweet to the users saying they’re assessing the situation as to what happened and trying to fix it soon. Even WeTransfer has no idea about the issue and why the Govt has issued this ban. We will be updated once the company knows the reason behind this ban. Although a ban for a service online is nothing new from the Indian Government in India. 

According to a report, the Indian Government has issued the ISP’s to ban three links online in India out of which two are from WeTransfer. This was regarding concerns over national security.

What is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is a web-based system allows you to send files online to people. It has grown in popularity after lockdown since people are working from home and transfer data to others out there. This application is usable on the website so you don’t require an app or software to use it. 

Initially, the application if free for everyone and users can transfer 2GB of data to 10 people. To use the free version, you don’t require to login or create an account. Just open the website and you’re good to go. For the people looking to get the premium of the account, you can have a look at the prices. 

The app is banned currently for some ISP’s and we believe it will be banned everywhere in India soon. If you’re currently using a private ISP, you’re good to go and have nothing to worry about. Users of the banned networks can alternatively browse through the website using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) if they’re a regular user of WeTransfer. 

The web-based software is currently used by more than 50 Million users out there across 190+ countries having 1.5 billion file transfers every month. 

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