modded apk

Many times you might have come across the word Mod APK over the internet. Used along with the name of some existing applications, downloading mod apk is the latest trend nowadays. But, how many of you know what the concept actually is? If you really aren’t that tech-savvy and looking forward to some simple solutions, here is the article that can explain things very clearly. After reading this article you will have a clear cut idea of what is mod APK, what are the pros and cons of using modded APK, and also whether you should keep it on your mobile phone or not.

What is the concept of Modded APK?

In simple English, Mod APK is an unofficial version of the existing Android application over the Google Play Store. The examples of such applications are picsart for Instagram and WhatsApp. Since, Google Play Store bounds the applications with certain rules and regulations, the users might feel like exploring things beyond that. That is when developers come up with Mod APK that removes all the limitations to keep things free flowing.

The Android applications are packed with extended features and they are termed as. APK. Such files already have all the previous elements of the Android application along with some added ones. The developers make edits in the elements to put an end to the limits that the users were required to face till date. More customisable elements and free flowing applications are made and uploaded over third party websites.

The best way to understand things is to consider the example of digital games. Any of the games that exist over the Google Play store gives a limited number of chances to the user to play and win. Somehow, the modded version of the same gaming application (when downloaded to the third party website) is free from those limits. In other words, you have unlimited chances of Survival and the complexities are also eradicated. There is a fair chance for you to win the game and beat the Rival in minimum possible efforts. The Cheat Codes, unlimited lives, and hacks together help the players to have complete command on the gameplay.

From where can I download Modded APK?

The modded applications are never available over the official Google Play Store. Since they are Rival applications and do not abide by any rules and regulations, they are available on different websites over the internet. Sometimes, the modded applications are available for free whereas at times they are payable.  majority of the time the motive of developing these applications is to give a better experience to the users. Whatever restrictions were faced by the individuals earlier are eradicated with More user-friendliness and convenient platforms.

Is it legal to download Modded APK?

Modded applications are unofficial applications and illegally available over the internet. They allow you to use all the premium features of original applications for free. This results in massive losses to the developers and that clearly makes them controversial.

The pirated version of original applications are never legal to download. The original application creator is bound to face losses when the users download the unofficial apk version of Google play application.

Will I land up in a mess after downloading APKs?

Downloading modded APK is clearly a cyber crime. Technically, you can be tracked because each website records the basic information like device platform-browser used and IP address. Somehow, in case a pirated application gets a high number of downloads, it is literally impossible to track down so many users in that case. People who are into using a modded APK defy the original terms and conditions along with the legality of the application.

The major legal issues arise when the premium features of the existing applications are made free in the modded APK. However if it is just about adding some additional features to the free application, it is not so concerning. Sometimes, developers themselves can add more features in their existing applications to impress the community and make their applications available outside the parameters of Google Play Store.

Will my account get banned or suspended because of using a Modded APK?

There are a whole lot of possibilities for you to fall into trouble If in case you download the apk version of the original application. For example, downloading WhatsApp APK can Ban you from the original WhatsApp. Similarly, downloading modded versions of Instagram and Facebook also exposes the users to the possibilities of getting banned.

It is possible to escape The Ban only when you can use a particular application without creating an account.

Do Modded APK applications consist of viruses?

Yes, There is quite a possibility for the Mod applications to consist of virus and malware in them. Since, they have no authenticity and legal source of availability, the users are purely under a risk. Some of the mischievous developers play a foul by uploading virus and malware in the name of the modded applications. This results in stealing the user information instantly.

You need to refer only to the official source of downloading modded applications else there is a whole possibility for malicious attack. Find a trusted website where there are a variety of modded APK available without any infection. It is highly inconvenient to download an application from a source that you cannot trust.

What will happen if I download an infected Mod APK?

By chance if you happen to come across an infected modded APK, it might bring immediate changes to the wallpaper and lock the screen as well. Along with that, it will modify the ringtone and expose you to a lot of cyber threats. Imagine someone constantly recording your activities while you are initiating all sorts of digital financial and personal transactions. Whatever SMS and OTP you will be receiving are Hijacked in case your phone is exposed to a virus.

How to delete Mod APK ?

Delete the modded application just the way you would have done with a normal application. Make sure that you clear the cache data and also reset your phone in order to get rid of any changes that have taken place on your mobile phone.

Alternatively, Get in touch with a community that provides solutions for deleting the modded applications. Choose only trusted sources to download applications and report cybercrime If in case you have any doubt about the fact.