WhatsApp already brought group audio and video calling its messaging app earlier this year, but the company is now looking to make it simpler to place calls from within the group chat itself.

Spotted first on the iOS beta, WhatsApp has now debuted new dedicated group calling icon on Android in beta as we This enables you to easily tap and choose contacts from within a group chat window who you’d want to audio or video call instantly.

You can add only three participants to the call, but you’re longer needed to go through the tiresome process of ringi one person and adding more users after that.


WhatsApp team made more than 15 beta updates for it’s user this year. WhatsApp last week made their first TV ads in India to make awareness on fake news. We always debate on social medias in terms of security and privacy, but WhatsApp kept on updating with the motive of giving their user great privacy and security as well as the best user experience.

We can expect this feature to roll out to all WhatsApp users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp made first TV ads in India about fake news


WhatsApp official YouTube page is given below you can check them out…
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