WhatsApp as one of the largest users in India and some uses spread dangerous rumors which are shared highly.

WhatsApp has been noticing this for a while and wanted to make awareness among the people.

WhatsApp now made their first step towards making awareness among Indian WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp decided to make TV ads to convey best from their side. WhatsApp team have been worked closely with filmmaker shisha Guha Thakurta.

WhatsApp is a great platform at the same time great platform to misuse, on this Monday WhatsApp totally launched 3 videos which come around 60 seconds, conveying awareness to WhatsApp users in India.

WhatsApp decided to make all of the ads in English as well as in Hindi so that it can reach a large number of audience and WhatsApp users. Note that WhatsApp has recently made an update which improves support for the Hindi language in the chat bar. And also recent update in GIF makes support for multiple languages of India.

‘Fake news’ is one of the major messages which they want to clarify to Indian users. You can watch all of the videos right here and we are also link the first video down below.

WhatsApp team I think consistently working on awareness programs and now they have entered into TV ads too. WhatsApp developer team consistently working on language equality and language preference of India. By watching their video you will definitely get an idea about what WhatsApp is actually trying.



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