Samsung Galaxy S21

Talks about Samsung Galaxy S21 have already begun as the current flagship of the company is a big hit in the industry. Most tech critics have already opted for S20+ as their daily driver.

Samsung has always been a pioneer in the smartphone industry when it comes to innovation. They might not be the first to use all those innovative new techs but they certainly are the ones who should actually take the credit for.

As I said, the talks about the next S series smartphones have started coming in. This time it is about going completely notch-less.

We might have seen this already implemented pretty well in smartphones like the OnePlus 7 Pro, Oppo Reno, Redmi K20 Pro, Vivo Nex, and other weirdly named Vivo phones, but all these phones had a moving part in them which was the pop-up selfie camera.

The concept of a pop-up camera had to compromise one of the most useful features a phone has to have, the face unlock. Even if it was technically possible to enable this feature, it is weird to feel the pop-up camera in your pockets if you actually press the unlock button.

Even though most of the above-mentioned companies have already teased the concept of notch-less without any moving parts, none of those companies actually released such a smartphone.

Last December, Oppo teased one of its prototypes on this concept. It had an under-display selfie camera with no buttons, holes or even camera bump. What’s even more interesting about this prototype is that it only had wireless charging as an option for charging the phone which can actually go up to 30W power input. But this smartphone has not hit the market yet and there is no rigid information about the launch of this smartphone.

Even Xiaomi boldly tweeted about its prototype in this concept asking its users “ Do you want a sneak peek at the future?”. This prototype also had the under-display camera technology implemented on it. This tweet dates back to June 2019 which is even before Oppo’s announcement. But this concept is still being expected in one of the Mi Mix series smartphones.

Being in the same Chinese market, Huawei has taken it a bit further by claiming an actual patent on the User Interface developed particularly for this concept. This is unlike other companies, but it’s clear that Huawei is also working on this concept to make it possible. No Huawei phones which are in the market are of this concept as it is still in development.

After looking at all these prototypes from various companies, it is clear that this is going to be the future indeed but which company has the patent for this Under-display camera concept?. It is Samsung who has it. Most might not remember the leak which shows that Samsung has been working on this concept since October 2018.

There are three more interesting technologies along with this concept on which Samsung is working on. Finally, here is another leak from one of the reliable leakster ice universe saying that the Under-display camera feature might be implemented in the Samsung S21.

If this concept has been properly implemented on Samsung S21, Samsung will be the first company to release a flagship smartphone with absolutely no notch.

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