SF-G series SD cards from Sony.

Sony has launched some of its SD cards in India. These SD cards come with an IPX8 and IP6X rating.

SF-G64T and SF-G128T

Sony’s SF-G64T and SF-G128T, are new SD cards of SF- G series and are claimed to be the World’s Toughest SD cards with high data read and write speed.

These SD cards aimed at the users who want to capture images and shoot videos in tough territories and in bad weather conditions. These tiny tech pieces are capable of performing in almost all weather, all places also most importantly have writing and reading

these are considered to be 18 times stronger than conventional microSD cards.


The new sony SF-G series SD cards from are the most durability SD cards yet.

The all new Sony SD Cards are capable of withstanding of bending force of  180N. These SD Cards can escape from the drops of 5 metres metres.

These SD cards also have resistance to X-rays and high temperature. Which makes these SD cards most durable on planet Earth.


These SD cards are not only durable but also has high speed read and write.

It can able to read and write at the speed of 300MB/S and 299MB/S respectively.

This SD card as a support of V90 standard of video speed class. So, transferring big files won’t be a time consuming process.

Inbuilt software

These SD cards comes with files rescue software, which basically does the job of recovering deleted files. Having this features in a SD card is never seen feature and great to hear it from Sony. Thumbs up for that, Sony!?

Price and Availability

  • The Sony SF-G64T is priced Rs.13,390 rupees.

These SD cards are now available from most of the retail stores across the country.

These SD cards are most durable, capable of writing at high speed and has some software advantages. It’s price feels little high but worth buying especially if you are photographer or person like me who often damages SD cards.

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