The Xbox Series X is probably the best product by Microsoft in the Gaming segment. The company plans to reveal some features on May 7th. This includes some of the new titles in development for the users. 

Since all the launches this in 2020 are happening virtually, Microsoft is also going to reveal it online using multiple Platforms. Since every detail cannot be showcased in one stream, Microsoft decided to reveal it on a monthly basis. What this means is Xbox Series X details are going to be revealed one by one in the coming months starting from May 7.

Inside Xbox

The series is known as Xbox 20/20 whose first episode InsideXbox will be coming on May 7. The first episode will be “less than an hour”. The showcase will feature third-party games coming to the Xbox Series X. This includes the latest release Assassins Creed Valhalla which was witnessed earlier this week. This was confirmed by Ubisoft Nordic reply to the tweet of Xbox on the InsideXbox tweet. 


Talking about the Xbox Series X, the box is similar to a PC tower. The device will support 8K resolution with up to 120fps. It will also pack 12 teraflop GPU, 16GB GDDR6 RAM, custom-designed processor, AMD’s Zen 2, and RDNA 2. With the powerful specs along with a Smart-Delivery feature for some titles, the device is supposed to the upcoming SONY’s PS5 later this year. 

Another feature that will be included throughout these launches will be Project xcloud. This is similar to stadia which provides a platform to play games from the cloud over wifi or mobile network. 

How to watch

The event can be watched on various Xbox channels including Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.  

We have some details about what the company plans to showcase for the upcoming months too. Now June will be focused on the Xbox Platform. July will showcase the games being developed by Xbox Game Studios. And the rest of the year will focus on Xbox Game Pass and Project xcloud. 


What Else

Till now, the pandemic has shown an increase in the number of sales for all the online gaming and multimedia platforms. Microsoft has also seen the surge in sales in the gaming department of their community. Launching Xbox Series X this year might not be a good idea and lack of employment right now might result in declining sales. Considering all this, Microsoft still decided to go for it and launch the product anyhow this year as targetted. 

In an interview by Bloomberg, Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, claims in the past couple of months more than 23 Million people have connected on Xbox live to their friends. He claims among social distancing, people are getting connected from each other through the means of gaming. 

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