In the smartphone industry, after the notch, the 48 MP camera is the one which is trending. So a few days ago some leaks suggested that Samsung is working on a 64MP Camera for smartphones with pixel binning technology.

Samsung’s 64MP Camera

It’s a new type of camera that takes full 64MP images in bright light conditions and When lighting conditions are not as favourable, the sensor merges four pixels into one to create a better quality 16MP images.

Interesting technology and all of us expected Samsung phone to introduce this tech for obvious reasons that the sensor is developed by Samsung itself. But it’s not the case. Xiaomi will be the first one to release a phone with a 64MP camera sensor on the back.

This was confirmed by XDA, one of the biggest tech sites out there which has discovered custom codes on the latest version of MIUI 10’s Camera App. It makes references to a 64MP UltraPixel photography and dual camera 64 megapixels. which suggests that a Xiaomi phone with this camera tech is ready to hit the market soon.

This was also confirmed by the Ice Universe, a reputed leaker, this week on Weibo ice Universe revealed that Xiaomi’s Redmi range will be the first one to launch this 64MP camera tech. Is anyone surprised by this? Let me explain to you.

Yes, Xiaomi and Samsung are the direct competitors then, why Samsung would give their best tech in their hands? There is only one reason, It’s all about business at the end of the day. When Xiaomi went to Samsung to place an order of these camera units and if Samsung had declined, Xiaomi could have gone to some other company, probably Sony.

Sony’s 64MP Camera

Yes, Sony is also working on a 64MP camera so it would be a huge loss for Samsung if they declined Xiaomi’s deal and business relationships with Xiaomi could have tampered. So you can now totally understand Samsung’s decision. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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