Yahoo Messenger is going to stop their messenger service. Unfortunately, the Users cannot use the Yahoo messenger app from July 17. It is one of the most innovative messenger services to the users on those popular days.

Yahoo made an extraordinary service through their search engine to connect people and made the users more preferable. They also succeed in the Email field too. But their messenger initiative was initially good after that this messenger field is dominated by many private communicators like Orkut, FB Messenger, Etc. Even though many private communicators came it is king of communicator and creates a new ideology to connecting the people in different areas or parts of the world through texts messages, voice, and emojis.


But they are not going to end the era of yahoo messenger. The idea of creativity works Here. . Many private services change their identity to provide good service to a better service or excellent service. Like that Yahoo is also going to provide a better messenger service to their users. The SQUIRREL is the new identity for Yahoo messenger. The SQUIRREL going to be an impressive messenger app for the existing and future user too. The new app which has all the facilities and competing with all new messenger apps which are popular in these days. This app contains all the new features that give you a new experience in texting format.

The SQUIRREL might be a trending app in upcoming days. The constant experiment for the app will increase the stability of the app more. The users can sync their old chats and texts after six months from the Yahoo Messenger .they can also invite the new users through this app. You can also request for an invite at

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